Local Government election information

To view election information and results, please visit the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) Website.

For further information, including final election results, please visit the ECQ website.

Electoral division maps

Detailed Bundaberg Region interactive divisional maps are available on the ECQ website.

If you're unsure which division you're in, visit the Australian Electoral Commission website to check your enrolment by entering your name and address. You will be provided with the following information:

  • Federal Division
  • State District
  • Local Government Area
  • Local Ward/Division

Roadside election signage

Election Signage is covered by two separate policies/guidelines. Please see below for further detail.

Council Guidelines

Main Roads Guidelines

Caretaker period protocol for Local Government elections

Council will enter a caretaker period prior to the next quadrennial elections. During this time, certain restrictions shall apply to Council, Councillors and Council officers to ensure the ordinary business of Council continues in a responsible, transparent and legally-compliant manner in the period leading up to an election.

This protocol has will be prepared in advance of the election and will be updated prior to any future elections.

All enquiries for the upcoming Local Government Election should be directed to the ECQ.

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