Roads and pathways

Driveways and property access

If you wish to build or modify a driveway or property access, you will need to apply to Council for approval.

Property owners are responsible for the construction and maintenance of their driveways and property accesses even though they are located on the road reserve.

The Standard Drawings below, which can be downloaded, give further information on Council’s requirements.

An application to carry out work on roads needs to be submitted prior to the commencement of any work, by the property owner.

Council officers will work with you to help you through the process if required.

Further information can be obtained from Council’s Engineering Services team on 1300 883 699 or via email.


Standard Drawings:

Driveways - Residential Driveway Slabs (R1010)

Driveways - Industrial and Commercial Driveway Slab - Two Way Access (R1011)

Driveways - Rural and Urban Accesses Requiring Culverts - No Kerb and Channel (R1012)

Driveways - Rural and Urban Accesses - No Kerb and Channel (R1013) 

Driveways - Residential Invert Crossings (Layback M1 & M3 & Standard Kerb & Channel) (R1014)


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