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Road closures and traffic disruptions

Storms can cause flash flooding throughout the region and impact our roads. Creeks, drains, roads and other watercourses can become inundated very quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

While Council makes every effort to advise residents of water over local roads through the Disaster Dashboard and social media updates as well as broadcast information, the speed at which flash flooding occurs, and often just as quickly subsides, makes it extremely difficult for Council to get to every site in time to erect warning signage and remove signage in a timely manner.

Information about our roads is regularly updated during weather events, however these platforms are not monitored on a 24 hour basis.  Please visit Council’s Disaster Dashboard for the latest information regarding Road Conditions.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads manages State controlled roads and motorists can refer to their website at QLD Traffic, for the current status of main roads in the area.

Council, in partnership with police and emergency response groups, is reinforcing the message:

"If it’s flooded forget it."  Motorists should only drive when it is safe to do so.


Traffic disruptions due to Council roadworks

Motorists are advised that the following roads will be subject to changes in traffic management measures and the appropriate signage will be placed to guide motorists through or around the site during the period of construction. Council apologies for any inconvenience.  

For further information on any of the project works, please visit:  Current Projects – Roads, pathways and drainage projects.

Location Project Works Begins Ends
Branyan Street, Norville Culvert Inspection 25 January 2023 01 February 2023
Birthamba Road, South Kolan Road Widening August 2023  January 2024
Foleys Road, North Gregory Road Widening November 2023 March 2024
Wallaville Goondoon Road, Bungadoo Culvert Repairs 18 August 2023  
Kevin Livingston Drive, Isis Central  Road Reconstruction and Rehabilitation  10 May 2024  
Booyan Road, Moore Park Beach  Road Upgrade   May 2024 June 2024


Permanent road closures

In accordance with section 69 of the Local Government Act 2009, Bundaberg Regional Council advises that the following permanent traffic restrictions apply:

Calavos - Unnamed Road No. 4252

In the interests of public safety, unconstructed Unnamed Road No. 4252 is permanently closed to all vehicles.

Doolbi - Lucketts Road

As resolved at Council’s ordinary meeting of 7 September 2010, trucks are prohibited from using Lucketts Road, Doolbi, unless servicing properties.

Kensington - Unnamed Road No. 4262

Until further notice, Unnamed Road No. 4262 between Eggmolesse Street and the Ring Road is temporarily closed to all motorised vehicles.

Winfield - Unnamed Road No 4210

The Esplanade along Baffle Creek at Winfield (Unnamed Road No. 4210), between Rocky Point Road and the residences at the end of Pangola Street is permanently closed to all motorised vehicles.

Woodgate - Unconstructed Esplanade (Adjacent to Camp Gregory)

In the interests of public safety, a section of 200 metres in length of the unconstructed Esplanade along the Gregory River, Woodgate, adjacent to Camp Gregory, is permanently closed to all vehicles.


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Disaster Dashboard

For information relating to flooding and road closures please visit the Disaster Dashboard.

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