Pathways and cycling networks

On-road cycling

Cycling is a healthy and eco-friendly way to get around; however it is paramount to stay safe when riding on the regions roads.

Bicycles are legal vehicles and have the right to use the road as cars do. This includes through intersections and merging lanes.

In certain locations bicycle lanes can be found throughout the region. It is important to be aware of the rules for both motorists and cyclists regarding these lanes.

White bicycle symbols appear on roads in dedicated bicycle lanes. Cyclists are not legally required to use these lanes; however it is highly recommended they are used where possible for everyone’s safety. These lanes are not to be obstructed by cars unless being passed through. It is important that motorists pay extra attention when crossing these lanes as it is easy to lose sight of cyclists in the vehicles blind-spots.

It is important to remember that even when a cyclist is in a dedicated bicycle lane that motorists still follow the bicycle overtaking laws. These laws state that when a motorist is passing a cyclist they must stay wider then 1m when in a 60km/h or less speed zone and for any speed zone over 60km/h the motorist must stay 1.5m away from the cyclist.

When a dedicated Bicycle lane is painted green there are no rule changes; however it is painted to improve bicycle awareness in the vicinity. These Green lanes are more commonly found through intersections.

Please make yourself aware of these laws regarding cyclists in order to keep everyone safe on the regions roads.

For more information visit QLD Government website: