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More information regarding cemetery services can be found in our frequently asked questions below.

Can I pre-purchase my plot?

No, however you can reserve a plot or ashes site. This secures the grave or ashes site until any form of interment is required.

Note: you are unable to reserve in the Return Service Sections


What is a reserve?

The pre-selection of a burial or ashes site - Burial Rights. To reserve a plot incurs a fee, the reserve fee does not include the cost of the burial or ashes placement. Please complete the Cemetery Application to Reserve Grave/Niche/Garden Placement.


What is a Plot?

A plot is a grave, and can also be referred to as a site or position.


Can I be buried in an old grave

Yes in the majority of cases, but each site would need to be investigated for availability. Ashes can also be placed in general or monumental sites. Please complete the Cemetery - Application for Interment or Placement and Cemetery Deceased Information - Burial Contract Provision.


Can ashes go into a grave?

Yes, in all sections with approval from the Burial Rights Holder. Please complete the Cemetery - Application for Interment or Placement and Cemetery Deceased Information - Burial Contract Provision.


What is a Burial Rights Holder?

A Burial Rights Holder is the person responsible for a plot or ashes niche. eg: when a funeral arrangement is made the person who signs the paperwork is the designated Burial Rights Holder of that site. Please complete the Cemetery Burial Rights Holder Transfer Agreement.


Do I own my burial position?

No. The land remains under the administration of Bundaberg Regional Council. The Burial Rights Holder purchases the rights to that burial site. Only Burial Rights Holders can authorise burials, ashes placements and memorial additions to that site.


I would like my partner placed in the same position as myself. Is this possible?

Yes. The majority of burial positions are prepared for two burials. In some areas an additional third burial can be in the same position.


Am I able to choose the location of my burial position?

Yes, although if the plot is not in the current area of use there is a selection fee applicable.


Am I able to restrict further interments in a grave?

Yes, only the burial rights holder can authorise this. Please complete the Cemetery Application for Grave Closure.


If I reserve a plot, but my circumstances change, can I get a refund?

Yes, you can relinquish a reserve. The refund is 75% of your original purchase price. Please complete Council's Refund Application Form to apply for a refund.


Can I sell my reserved burial plot?

No. You are not able to sell your plot to another person. However you can transfer the burial rights by completing the Cemetery Burial Rights Holder Transfer Agreement.


When I pass away, what is required for my family to use my reserved position?

Your family will contact your nominated Funeral Director who will attend to confirmation of your reserve and burial arrangements.


How do I organise the purchase of my position?

To reserve a plot is as simple as completing Council's Application to Reserve Grave/Niche/Garden Placement Form. Once payment is made to Council, a copy of the form will be sent to you for your records. It is advisable to inform your relatives and/or your nominated Funeral Director of this purchase.


Why should I reserve my burial position?

Reserving a plot gives you the ability to be near a loved one who has recently passed away. It can give you peace of mind knowing where your final resting place will be.


Do I have to reserve a burial position?

No. There is no shortage of burial areas in our region. A reserve gives you the ability to have a site close to family members.


Who is responsible for the memorial?

The next of kin, or the Burial Right Holder may nominate a responsible person.


You want to be buried, but your spouse/partner wants to be cremated. Can you be together?

Yes. Please contact your Funeral Director of choice and pre plan your arrangements.Ashes may be placed in a coffin or grave site.


Can I move ashes from another city to here?

Yes. Ashes can be transferred to a new location. Please complete the Cemetery Application for Removal and Exhumation Fees also apply for this.


What is a funeral plan and do I need one?

A funeral plan is the pre arrangement of your wishes and the prepayment of your plot, which alleviates the financial stress and burden of making the decision of burial or cremation by your family. You do not have to have a funeral plan, but it is recommended if you don't then at least advise your family of your choices.


When can I erect a headstone/monument?

A Bundaberg Regional Council Cemetery approved headstone must be erected 6 months after a burial and or ashes placement within the Lawn sections.

There is no requirement to erect a monument/ headstone with the General sections however a 6 month from last interment waiting period is required.

Please complete the Cemetery Grave Conversion and/or Application to Erect on a Grave, Cemetery Notice of Intent to Construct or Erect and/or Cemetery Application for Headstones, Plaques, Monumentals and Vaults.


Who can erect a headstone/monument?

In sections requiring a bronze plaque please contact the Bundaberg Regional Council Cemetery office.

Within sections requiring a headstone/monument please contact a monumental mason.


Getting the conversation started


What plans can you make to ease the burden on your family?

Most people do not and will not discuss their death and/or their funeral arrangements, which creates a void for family who are left with the duty of trying to guess what our beloved deceased wishes may have been.

Below is a list of items you might like to write down somewhere so you family are able to carry out your wishes after you're gone.

  • Burial or cremation?
  • Church/Chapel or graveside?
  • Family only or public service?
  • Flowers or donations?
  • A formal wake or just family at home?
  • What form of permanent memorial should there be?
  • Memorials/Headstones - which mason and what design?

If burial where at?

  • Which Cemetery?
  • New Lawn or General (Monumental) grave?
  • Existing Lawn or General (Monumental) grave?
  • Memorial Design?

If cremation, where are the ashes going to be stored?

  • At home?
  • Scattered? Where and/or how?
  • Placed in a family grave?
  • Cemetery ashes area - rose or rock gardens, columbarium, memorial wall?

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