Understanding my rate notice

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General rates

Bundaberg Regional Council is required by law to levy a general rate or differential general rate on every rateable property each financial year. Council uses a differential rating scheme to calculate properties’ general rate.

This is a fair and equitable way of charging according to land use.

General rates are for services, facilities and activities that are supplied or undertaken for the benefit of the community. Council is required to raise an appropriate amount of revenue to maintain assets and provide services to the region as a whole.

The value of your property, along with the main or primary land use, is the basis for the calculation of the general rate.  The Department of Resources (DoR) sets the rateable value and land use.  For valuation enquiries contact DoR.

There are 13 categories in Bundaberg Regional Council set in the 2023/2024 budget.  Every property is allocated one of these categories and each category has a cents in the dollar rate and a minimum general rate.

General rates are calculated by multiplying the rateable value of a property by the category’s ‘cents in the dollar rate’. Example Urban Residential with a rating valuation of $103,000:  $103,000 x 0.011487 = $1183.16.  The minimum charge applies when the resulting amount falls below the set minimum general rate for the category.

A summary of Council’s differential general rates and land use codes are listed in the revenue statement contained in the budget document.

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