Rates Pensioner Concessions

What types of pension cards are allowed

Listed below are a list of eligible and ineligible cards for the rates pensioner rebate.

If you have a card shown in the eligible section, you can apply.  Unfortunately, cards in the ineligible section means you can't apply for a  pensioner concession on your rates.

Eligible cards Ineligible cards

Centrelink pensioner concession card

Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card

Health care card

Health Care Card

Veteran Affairs Gold Card 2023

Department of Veterans' Affairs gold Card

Seniors card

Seniors Card

Pensioner concession card2023

Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card

Seniors business discount card

Seniors Business Discount Card

Department of veterans affairs gold card tpi

Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card "TPI"

Department of veterans affairs specific conditions card

Department of Veterans' Affairs Specific Conditions Card

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