Backflow prevention

Backflow prevention responsibilities

Owners' responsibility to test devices

Under Queensland Government plumbing legislation, the owner of an installed testable backflow prevention device must ensure the device is registered with Council and have the device tested annually by an endorsed backflow plumber. 

Backflow prevention devices include reduced pressure zone, double check, break tanks, registered air gaps and some single check valves.

The details and location of the device(s) and any test results must also be registered with the Council.  

Responsibilities of endoresed backflow plumbers

Completed tests result(s) to be submitted to Council within ten business days of the device(s) test. Failure to comply with the statutory obligations above may result in enforcement action. A list of authorised plumbers can be found in your local phone directory.

Responsibilities of Council

Council has the legislated responsibility to implement and maintain a program for the registration, maintenance and testing of all the testable backflow prevention devices installed in its area.

Council will request in writing for owners of backflow device(s) to conduct tests prior to the due date.  Once notified the owner is to arrange for:

  • The device(s) to be tested; and 
  • Have the test report(s) submitted to Council within 10 business days after testing of the device(s).

Further information

Should you have any further enquiries in relation to backflow or the register process, please contact Water Services - Plumbing Compliance Team on 1300 883 699 or email us at