Starting a Community Group, Club or Not For Profit

Starting a new group/club/not for profit

This resource has been created to assist your/ group's success. The principles identified are best practice and can be used for community groups and clubs.

Follow the below six simple steps to start a new club.

1. Call and plan a meeting

Call and plan a meeting with potential members. The following needs to be included and noted in the official minutes.

  1. create a clear agenda
  2. reach a majority agreement on the name of the proposed club
  3. identify if the club intends to be affiliated with a regional, state, or national sport governing body (eg. A local Badminton club must be affiliated with Queensland Badminton for competition and insurance purposes)
  4. discuss the intention to form a club and incorporate
  5. discuss whether there are any members who would like to nominate for committee (consider showing the members position descriptions for committee roles)


2. Create a constitution

Create a constitution (otherwise known as 'Model Rules') to govern how the club will run. 

  1. check the Office of Fair-Trading (OFT) Model Rules
  2. if affiliating with a governing association (as noted above) the club must identify if certain ‘objects’ must be included (many State and National governing bodies require constitutions to be accepted in their entirety)


3. Call the first Annual General Meeting

At this meeting, the following must be acknowledged in the agenda:

  • agree on and adopt the proposed constitution/ Model Rules
  • agree to incorporate
  • elect a management committee of no less than seven and it is not recommended to be larger than 10
  • minutes must be kept as an official record (to be included within incorporation application)
  • find a best practice checklist for an AGM here


4. Register the club

You must register the club and acquire an Australian Business Number (ABN) through the Australian Business Register.


5. Create a bank account (in line with OFT regulations)

The name of the official association to be registered with Office of Fair Trading must be used for the bank account. Please note the majority of banks require three signatories and the bank account must be at a Queensland branch


6. Submit the application for incorporation with OFT

To submit the application for incorporation with OFT you will require a copy of the minutes and agenda accepting constitution/ model rules. There will be fees that apply. 

Please note:

  1. an incorporated association is legally separate from its members which means that:
  • the management committee makes decision for the association
  • the association/club becomes legally liable for these decisions
  • individuals on the committee who act in good faith, within the law and in the best interests of the association are usually not personally liable

       2. your incorporated association must:

  • comply with the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and the Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999
  • review its financial affairs every year
  • lodge copies of your constitution, annual returns and financial statements with the Office of Fair Trading
  • the Queensland government has useful information about how to set up and run an incorporated association


Other important things to consider

  • the club will need to acquire Public Liability Insurance (if not acquired through affiliation with State or National governing body). Visit the OFT website for further information.
  • if the club is hiring or leasing facilities they may require copies of Public Liability Insurance. You can find a guide here from Council.
  • the club will need to adopt policies such as risk management, social media, diversity and inclusion (generally aligning with SSO/NSO) - Committee Document Checklist Template

Other steps specific to sporting clubs

  1. consider conducting a strategic plan with the committee to identify the vision, mission and objectives of the club
  2. create a schedule for auditing facilities, equipment, finances, certificates etc
  3. highlight any grant opportunities to help develop the club:
  • Register as a ‘FairPlay Voucher’ activity provider here
  • Bundaberg Regional Council grants here
  • Queensland Government – Sport funding and grants here
  • QGov Gambling Community Benefit Fund here
  • Play for Purpose – Charity raffles more information here
  • QCoal Foundation – Community Grant Program here

You can find more resources below and on the Sport Australia Gameplan website.

Join the Bundaberg Sports Network to share, connect and learn with other clubs in the region. Contact Council's Community Development team on 4130 4150 or