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Homelessness Service Highlights

Helping Hands Guide is a community led resource to highlight emergency relief, showers and laundry, accommodation, financial counselling, and low cost or free meal options.

The homelessness flow chart has been designed for easy use and provides a pathway for those who need it, to be more aware of where they can access help and support.

The homelessness flow chart was launched as part of Homeless Persons Week activities at Ozcare Men’s Hostel in 2013 and is maintained up to date by Council with the support of the Bundaberg Housing and Homelessness Forum.

Services and information on housing and homelessness

Peak bodies

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Youth Homelessness


Queensland Governments - Home for Queenslanders: Bundaberg Regional Council was one of many stakeholders involved in providing local information and advice in developing the report released February 2024, which discusses next steps to be taken to assist more Australians in gaining homes and many great outcomes.

Department of Communities Housing & Digital Economy - Housing Services provides and online tool to check your eligibility for bond loans and rental grants along with a range of information to support you in applying and sustaining housing.

Bond loans and Rental Grants Eligibility Tool