Lodge a petition


Lodging a petition with Council

Residents and ratepayers of the Bundaberg region can interact with Council in many ways, including petitions.

A petition must be in the English language.

The grievance and action required on each petition cannot exceed 250 words.

Any petition presented to a meeting of Council shall:

  • Be in legible writing or typewritten and contain a minimum 10 signatures;
  • Include the name and contact details of the principal petitioner (ie the key contact);
  • Include the postcode of all petitioners; and
  • Have the details of the specific request/matter appear on each page of the petition;
  • Letters, affidavits, or other documents may not be attached to a petition.

A petition must be respectful and must not contain language that may be considered offensive.

Signatures need to be written on the petition itself, using Council’s petition template. Signatures must not be pasted, otherwise affixed or transferred to the petition.

The correct form of the petition (including the name and address of the principal petitioner) must appear on each page of the petition.

Persons must sign petitions by their names or marks, and by no one else’s.

A person cannot sign the same petition more than once.

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