Environmentally Relevant Activities

Who is required to apply for an Environmental Authority?

Premises that conduct any of the activities listed below are required to obtain an environmental authority from Bundaberg Regional Council.

  • ERA 6 Asphalt manufacturing - (1000t or more of asphalt per year);
  • ERA 12 Plastic product manufacturing - (50 tonnes or more of plastic products per year, or five (5) tonnes or more of foam, composite plastics or rigid fibre-reinforced plastics per year);
  • ERA 19 Metal forming - (10000t or more of hot forming metal per year);
  • ERA 38 Surface coating - (anodising, electroplating, enamelling or galvanising using one (1) tonne to 100 tonnes of surface coating materials in a year
  • ERA 49 Boat maintenance or repair - (within 50 metres of a naturally occurring bed of surface waters)
  • ERA 61 Waste incineration and thermal treatment - (incinerating waste vegetation, clean paper or cardboard).

If the activity conducted is not listed above, the owner/operator of the premises may still need to apply for an environmental authority from the Queensland Government, namely the DES. A full list of ERAs, including those that require approval from the Queensland Government can be found in Schedule 2 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.

All of the above listed environmentally relevant activities are known as concurrence environmentally relevant activities and trigger a material change of use for the environmentally relevant activity under the Planning Act 2016 for fixed location activities. A development application is therefore required to be submitted and will be used as a single application for both the development permit and environmental authority.

Application - Environmentally Relevant Activity