Littering and illegal dumping


Council invests significant resources both in monetary and manpower terms in providing a region of which our residents can feel proud.

The action of littering and/or illegal dumping of waste is a rising concern for the Bundaberg Region, costing our community thousands of dollars in clean up hours every year.

Littering and illegal dumping of waste has the potential to cause health and safety risks for both people and the natural environment, as it can:

  • provide an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos
  • block gutters and drains affecting the serviceability of this infrastructure and increase the potential for flooding and erosion
  • enter into creeks, rivers and onto beaches, where it has the potential to harm and/or kill wildlife, for example: plastic waste can choke and suffocate birds and marine life

Littered waste does not include any gas, dust, smoke or material emitted or produced during, or because of, the normal operations of a building, manufacturing, mining or primary industry.

While the vast majority of residents across the Bundaberg Region dispose of litter in an appropriate manner there are those not willing to pay for the disposal of their personal rubbish and who add to community costs through illegal dumping.

Queensland's Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 provides everyone with the ability to report littering and illegal dumping.

Anyone observing instances of illegal dumping is asked to report the matter to Council on 1300 883 699, via our online form or from the Snap, Send, Solve app available for download to mobile devices. Please ensure you gather relevant details including the model and make of any vehicle involved, its registration number, the time, date and location of the alleged offence.

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