Native plants and animals

Native plants

The Bundaberg Region comprises a range of ecosystem types from coastal dunes, wallum and mangrove forests through to Banksia and Melaleuca woodlands, Woongarra Scrub, tall open Eucalypt and Moreton Bay Ash forests and woodlands.

The growth of the region and increased development puts pressures on these natural areas due to removal of vegetation reducing habitat and wildlife corridors. Bundaberg Regional Council supports a sustainable approach to the management and planning of our natural and built environments

Throughout our region are many areas of remnant vegetation. Remnant vegetation refers to areas of bushland that are intact (with limited previous clearing) and include a range of types such as bushland, woodlands and grassland.

If there are protected plants or remnant vegetation on your property, a permit may be required to undertake clearing. The clearing of native vegetation is regulated through the Nature Conservation Act of 1992 and Queensland’s Vegetation Management Act 1999. In some cases, a Flora Survey or Species Management Plan may be required prior to undertaking clearing. For more information about vegetation clearing visit the Department of Environment and Science or contact the department on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

A property report and vegetation map can be requested from the Department of Environment and Science.

Request a property report and vegetation maps

All marine plants, such as mangroves and salt couch are protected under Queensland’s Fisheries Act 1994. Visit Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for more information.

Urban trees

Urban trees provide habitat for wildlife and support human health and well-being while improving aesthetics and liveability. Council has developed a responsible tree management fact sheet that can assist in managing and protecting our local trees.

Fact Sheet - Planting trees on footpaths

Fact Sheet - Responsible tree management

Plant swap program

Council has a plant swap program that encourages residents to identify and remove unwanted weeds from their properties. Home owners can register for the program and arrange for an inspection and identification of targeted environmental weeds. Residents are then issued a voucher which can be exchanged at Bundaberg and District Landcare Association for a replacement native species. 

Plant Swap Program - Introduction

Plant Swap Program - Extended Information