During a disaster


If you were in an emergency and you did not have your phone with you, how would you let people know you are okay?

Register.Find.Reunite is a service that lets family, friends and emergency services know that you are safe in the event of an emergency.

Red Cross manages the service on behalf of government agencies, and it only operates during emergencies, including bushfires and floods.   

Whether you are leaving or staying where you are, Register.Find.Reunite helps people to know what you are doing and that you’re okay. When the service is activated, you can access it on the Red Cross website or at evacuation and recovery centres.

There are two options when using the service.  

  • Register to let people know you are safe.  
  • Find people you know may be affected by an emergency.  

Reunite is a matching process that enables the Red Cross, with permission, to share details to connect family, friends and loved ones. 

Your privacy is protected, and you control the information other people can see.

Emergency Services can use Register.Find.Reunite to check where people in an affected area are located. It can avoid unnecessary searches for people. It is also useful after an emergency as it can help support services contact you.



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