Apex Club of Bundaberg

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Apex Club of Bundaberg
Service Description
Apex Australia is a vibrant and energetic volunteer service organisation focused on harnessing the ideas, ideals and intelligence of primarily younger Australians. Although some of our clubs are open to people of all ages, most welcome members aged from 18 to 45. We are an authentic Australian icon - established in 1931 and going strong. We have helped more than 200,000 younger Australians make a difference to their community, learn valued skills and make great friends. The Apex story is one of fun, fellowship and friendship. We offer you the opportunity to give others a fair go, practical help and positive role models to reach their own potential. Its Apex, Its Australian!
Apex volunteers can be located from Alice Springs to Wodonga, from Brisbane to Goondiwindi. They are lawyers, carpenters, school teachers, council workers, students and farmers. There is no typical Apexian - gender, geography and gainful employment are no guide as to why people joined or how they get involved. We have a policeman who project manages a statewide fashion show and a publican who runs a multi-layered national organisation.
You can be an Apex member right now. Just give us a call or send us an email and take the first step. Many of yesterday's new Apexians, often having joined soon after school, college or university, are today's medical researchers, managers, elected representatives and community leaders. Apex has made a difference to their lives and it can do the same for you. Your local Club will offer you plenty of opportunities to help other Australians, make new friends, and gain skills in public speaking, leadership and communication.
Street Address
Po Box 165
0427 262 065
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Apex Club of Bundaberg
Meeting Place
Every second Tuesday of the month at Club House or the Tatt Hotel
Wheelchair/mobility friendly access