Contracts awarded over $200,000

Contracts Awarded over $200,000

As per section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, the following contracts greater than $200,000 (exclusive of GST) in value have been awarded by Council in the past 12 months.

Contractor's Name Value of  Purpose of Contract Contract Order/Number
Bundaberg Security Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates Supply of Security Services for Council Facilities (Patrol Services) TEN/0520
Smiths Detection Australia Pty Ltd $ 405,000 Airport Security Screening Equipment Upgrade  TEN/0558
ARA Fire Protection $ 391,479 Supply and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment TEN/0573
Jeff lennox Builders $1,398,080 Design and Construct Roof Structure at Isis War Memorial Pool TEN/0607
IQS Solutions  Schedule of Rates Supply & Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment TEN/0640
Christensen Industries $947,685 Pathways Program 2019-2020 TEN/0644
SGQ Pty Ltd $498,108 Qunaba Landifll Entry Upgrade - Civil Works Incorporating Weighbridge TEN/0651
Stirloch Constructions Pty Ltd $30,106,411 Kalkie & Gregory River Water Treatment Plant Upgrade TEN/0667
E & M Cleaning $ 1,194,544 Cleaning of Council Park Facilities and Amenities - Bundaberg & Hinterland TEN/0674
Daniel Constructions Qld $ 335,113 Design and Construct Records Storage Shed TEN/0678
Berajondo Earthmoving and Haulage $ 362,653 Oakwood Drainage Improvements - Stage 1 TEN/0679
Berajondo Earthmoving and Haulage $ 3,871,712 Road Rehabilitation Program 2019-2020 TEN/0681
Kinnect Pty Ltd $ 1,153,215 Supply of Health Services TEN/0686
K J Pitt & Associates T.A Australian Safety & Training Alliance Schedule of Rates Supply of Training Services TEN/0687
ESRI Australia $ 561,000 Provision of ArcGIS Software Support and Maintenance TEN/0707
Hastings Deering (Aust) Ltd $ 344,000 Purchase 1 x New Additional Landfill Wheel Loader TEN/0708
Objective Corporation $ 438,000 Supply of upgrades, support, licencing and service for Council's Electronic Document and Records Management System TEN/0716
Ausroad systems  $272,795 Purchase one (1) Road Maintenance Patching Trucks TEN/0717
Port City Auto $277,598 Purchase one (1) Crane Truck TEN/0718
VCV Rockhampton $298,336 Purchase two (2) x 6 x Tandem Wter Truck TEN/0734
VCV Rockhampton $299,688 Purchase two (2) Tandem Tipper Trucks with slide-in Water Trucks TEN/0735
Hastings Deering (Aust) Ltd $311,621 Purchase 1 x Wheel Loader (Civil Works) TEN/0736
Winc Asutralia Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates Supply & Delivery of Stationery TEN/0739
IQS Solutions Schedule of Rates Supply of Work Uniforms TEN/0740
ASV Sales & Service $215,454 Purchase one (1) x Compact Crawler Loader TEN/0744
Liebherr Australia $ 410,000 Purchase one (1) Waste Material Handler TEN/0751
Berajondo Earthmoving $3,954,193 Buss Street Realignment Bundaberg Port TEN/0757
Pensar Structures Pty Ltd $3,265,291 Design and Construct Additional Clear Water Storage and PAC Contact Tank TEN/0761 & 394509
Brisvegas Machinery $230,000 Purchase one (1) 13t Excavator TEN/0765
IC Pipes Pty Ltd $359,705 2019-2020 Sewer Inspection & Cleaning Program TEN/0809 & 394227
Bellwether Contractors Pty Ltd $2,452,646 Gin Gin Streetscape Stage 2 TEN/0814 & 395314
Streetbuild  $2,619,970 Gin Gin Community Hub TEN/0815 & 395315
Bundaberg Constructions (Briendel Pty Ltd) $358,393 Elliott Heads Holiday Park Office TEN/0816 &  395116
Mii Electric Pty Ltd $306,956 Hughes Road Extension (Watson Rd to Wearing Rd) Supply & Install Lighting TEN/0818
Don and Colleen Powell $273,750 Management of Burnett Heads Lighthouse Holiday Park TEN/0819
1 Eight Pty Ltd $390,000 Management of Moore Park Beach Holiday Park TEN/0820
1 Eight Pty Ltd $405,000 Management of Elliott Heads Holiday Park TEN/0821
Christensen Industries Pty Ltd $796,413 Pathways Program 2019/2020 Intersection work TEN/0825
VCV Rockhampton $1,196,007 Purchase 3 x Refuse Trucks TEN/0829
GNB Energy Pty Ltd $299,784 Bargara Esplanade Pathway Smat Lighting Construction TEN/0831 & 394661
Berajondo Earthmoving and Haulage $209,845 Elliott Heads Sewer Pipeline TEN/0834
Miriam Vale Plant Hire $1,305,910 Winfield Road Bridge Replacements (Middle and Possum Creeks) TEN/0835
Christensen Industries Pty Ltd $316,889 Pathways Program 2019-2020 Hanbury St - Perry Sts TEN/0838
Formbird Pty Ltd $859,200 Works Management System TEN/0843
Oceanic Steel Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates Waste Facilities Maintenance Contract TEN/0850
Greensill Aviation $45,000 per annum (20 yr lease) Lease of Lot 41, Stage 4 of BRAAP TEN/0852
QEnergy Schedule of Rates Supply of Retail Electricity for Small Metered Sites TEN/0881
Clean Management Solutions Pty Ltd $ 288,686 Placement & Cleaning of Public Place Bins TEN/0889
Famasika Pty Ltd $379,920 Provision of the sale of Lot 30 at the Bundaberg Regional Aviation and Aerospace Precinct (Stage 3) TEN/0910
Roadwork Industries Pty Ltd $244,804 Polymer Modified Emulsion Surface Treatment Program Airside TEN/0921
Roadwork Industries Pty Ltd $489,057 Polymer Modified Emulsion Surface Treatment Program TEN/0922
Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd $1,080,383 Asphalt Resurfacing Program 2019-2020 TEN/0939
Bundaberg Region Ltd $605,000 Tourism Partnership 2019-2020 TEN/0947
Hawe Earthmoving $ 297,301 Internal Road Sealing & Minor Works to Council Properties TEN/0966
Surf Life Saving Queensland $451,851 Provision of Lifeguard Services TEN/0968
Hawe Earthmoving $297,301 Internal Road Sealing & Minor Works to Council Properties TEN/0966
Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd $824,643 Bitumen Reseal Program 2019/2020 TEN/0978
Boral Construction Materials Group Limited $604,208 Asphalt Resurfacing Program Package 2 TEN/0991
Quad Services  $295,003 Airport Cleaning Services TEN/0999
Nutrien Ag Solutions Pty Ltd $ 290,503 Supply and Delivery of General Purpose and Blended Cements TEN/1003

Traffic Control Supplies Pty Ltd & Artcraft Pty Ltd

Schedule of Rates Supply and Delivery of Road Signage and Related Products TEN/1009
Reece Australia Pty Ltd $352,062 Supply and Delivery of Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings TEN/1011
Sherriff Electrical  Shedule of Rates Supply of Electrical Services TEN/1013
Superpak Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates Waste Truck Servicing TEN/1023
Port City Autos Pty Ltd

$330,995 (Items 1)

$369,595 (Item 2)

$351,245 (Item 3)

Supply and Delivery of Road Maintenance Patching Trucks TEN/1041
Port City Autos Pty Ltd

$211,908 (Item 1)

$207,173 (Item 2)

Supploy and Delivery of Tipper Trucks TEN/1047
Pensar Utilities Pty Ltd $ 855,586 Signalisation Branyan Drive, Dittmann Road, Avoca Road Intersection TEN/1066
Berajondo Pty Ltd ATF Sal Bonanno Family Trust $2,499,861 Road Rehabilitation Program 2020/2021 TEN/1080
Ceena Pty Ltd $ 215,000 Contract Management Services - Rubyanna O&M Contract TEN/1082
Optus Networks Pty Ltd $415,800 Calling Plan for Microsoft Phone System TEN/1109
Sunwater Ltd Water Supply River Supply Contract TEN/1113
Colas Solutions Pty Ltd $304,057 Polymer Modified Emulsion Surface Treatment TEN/1117
Queensland Local Government Mutual $664,659 Insurance Policy 387385
Queensland Local Government Mutual $475,082 Insurance Policy 387386
MSS Security Pty Ltd $777,272 Monthly Screening and Security Services at Bundaberg Airport 387253
Hawe Earthmoving $348,005 Provision of Earthmoving Equipment Waste & Recycling 386824
Fraser Coast Regional Council $883,870 Provision of Separable Portion of WBBROC Sewer Relining Contract 392738 & 375131
Department of Transport and Main Roads $250,000 Council's contribution to Bundaberg Transport Model Development 394860

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