Contracts awarded over $200,000

Contracts Awarded over $200,000

As per section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, the following contracts greater than $200,000 (exclusive of GST) in value have been awarded by Council in the past 12 months.

Contractor's Name Value of  Purpose of Contract Contract Order/Number
Optus Networks Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates Telecommunications - Mobile Devices TEN/0675
Greensill Aviation $45,000 per annum (20 yr lease) Lease of Lot 41, Stage 4 of BRAAP TEN/0852
Surf Life Saving Queensland $451,851 Provision of Lifeguard Services TEN/0968
Cleanaway Pty Ltd $271,543 Waste Skip Bin Services TEN/1004
Hawe Earthmoving $1,231,464 Provision of Earthmoving of Waste Facilities TEN/1006
Carroll Engineering Services Pty Ltd $ 236,000 Shredding of Waste and Recycling Materials TEN/1008
Reece Australia Pty Ltd $352,062 Supply and Delivery of Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings TEN/1011
Sherriff Electrical  Shedule of Rates Supply of Electrical Services TEN/1013
Port City Autos Pty Ltd

$330,995 (Items 1)

$369,595 (Item 2)

$351,245 (Item 3)

Supply and Delivery of Road Maintenance Patching Trucks TEN/1041
Wideland Trucks & Equipment Pty Ltd $357,944 Purchase of One (1) Medium Fuel Truck TEN/1043
Hastings Deering (Qld) Ltd $809,580 Purchase of 2 x Motor Graders TEN/1044
Hastings Deering (Qld) Ltd $394,900 Purchase of 1 x Landfill Wheel Loader TEN/1045
Port City Autos Pty Ltd

$211,908 (Item 1)

$207,173 (Item 2)

Supply and Delivery of Tipper Trucks TEN/1047
Pensar Utilities Pty Ltd $ 855,586 Signalisation Branyan Drive, Dittmann Road, Avoca Road Intersection TEN/1066
Port City Autos Pty Ltd


Purchase of Three (3) Passenger Buses TEN/1070
Cardno (QLD) Pty Ltd $1,176,721 Detailed Design of the Bundaberg Regional Aquatic Centre TEN/1072
Berajondo Pty Ltd ATF Sal Bonanno Family Trust $2,499,861 Road Rehabilitation Program 2020/2021 TEN/1080
Ceena Pty Ltd $ 215,000 Contract Management Services - Rubyanna O&M Contract TEN/1082
Evolve Environmetnal Solutions Pty Ltd $1,992,655 Belle Eden Park Waterway Naturalisation and Remediation Works TEN/1100
Greenwood Landscape Management Pty Ltd $955,403 Boreham Park Upgrade W4Q TEN/1101
Colas Solutions Pty Ltd $304,057 Polymer Modified Emulsion Surface Treatment TEN/1117
Western Truck Group Pty Ltd $216,005 Supply & Delivery of One (1) Crane Truck TEN/1125
Wideland Trucks & Equipment Pty Ltd (Felco Fibreglass Body) $278,787 Supply & Delivery of Three (3) Water Cartage Trucks TEN/1126
NBN Co Ltd $318,987 NBN Relocation of Services TEN/1138
Telstra Corporation Ltd $290,975 Telstra Relocation Services TEN/1139
IC Pipes Pty Ltd $249,136 2020/2021 Sewer Inspection & Cleaning Program TEN/1149

Wideland Trucks & Equipment Pty Ltd

(Ausroad Body)

$327,203 (item 1)

323,903 (Item 2)

Purchase of Two (2) Road Maintenance Patching Trucks TEN/1151
Boral Resources (QLD) Pty Ltd $1,122,026 Asphalt Resurfacing Program 2021-2025 TEN/1155
Warmrock Pty Ltd T/A Inn Style Mensland Market Basket Supply of Corporate Uniforms TEN/1158
Murchie Constructions Pty Ltd $5,629,055 Bundaberg Recreational Precinct Entrance Enhancement TEN/1167


Bert's Restaurant

Canteen Corner

Isis Club Incorporated (Childers Only)

Schedule of Rates Supply & Delivery of General Catering TEN/1174
Kitching Trust Trading As Duplic8 $576,326 Managed Print Services TEN/1185
Western Truck Group Pty Ltd $1,211,895 Supply & Delivery of Three (3) Refuse Compactor Trucks TEN/1189
Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd $ 737,333 Bitumen Reseal Program 2020-2021 TEN/1212
Bundaberg Constructions $592,147 Elliott Heads Holiday Park Cabins TEN/1222
Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd $ 432,925 Supply & Install Asphalt at Innes Park Roundabout TEN/1237
RPS Australia East Pty Ltd $399,928 Moore Park Beach Masterplan Design - Stage 1

TEN/1255 & 414005

Hastings Deering Schedule of Rates Caterpillar Parts, Services & Repairs TEN/1256
Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers Cooperative Ltd $ 300,000 Management Services Bundaberg Agtech Hub TEN/1257
Trinity Skateparks Pty Ltd $2,167,582 Construction of Central Park Skatebowl Upgrade TEN/1290
Boral Resources (QLD) Pty Ltd $2,011,241 Asphalt Resurfacing Program 2020-2021 Package 2 TEN/1303
Heritage City Earthmoving $  223,000 Wet Hire of Plant for construction of Elliott Heads Caravan Park Sewer Pressure Main TEN/1315
Bundaberg Motor Group $  984,429 Supply and Delivery of Utilities for the 2021/22 Plant Replacement Program TEN/1326
Berajondo Earthmoving & Haulage $  670,450 Supply & Delivery of Leachate Rock - Cell 4 TEN/1327
Wight Water Environmental Pty Ltd $ 227,722 Design, Supply and Install Rain and River Gauges TEN/1333
Amazon Web Services Schedule of Rates Provision of Cloud Services TEN/1336
Bundaberg Constructions $ 710,000 Design & Construct New Horse Stables - Bundaberg Racecourse TEN/1348
MC Switchboard Engineering Pty Ltd $ 238,997 Supply of Electrical Switchboards TEN/1371
GCM Enviro Pty Ltd $ 852,000 Suppy and Delivery of One (1) Landfill Compactor TEN/1372
Hastings Deering (Australia) Ltd $ 255,000 Supply and Delivery of One (1) Backhoe TEN/1374
Wideland Group $ 404,982 Supply and Delivery of One (1) Single Cab 4x2 Medium Fuel Truck TEN/1379
T2 Electrical & Data Pty Ltd $ 442,462 Salter Oval Lighting Upgrade TEN/1394
Dreampour Pty Ltd Trading As Kerb Placers $ 553,412 Pathways Program 2021-2022 TEN/1464
Retail Electricity Services for Large Contestable Services Schedule of Rates Shell Energy Retail Pty Ltd TEN/1490

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