Burnett River floodplain action plan

Evacuation Route Upgrades

Bundaberg-Gin Gin Road Flood

Project entails raising a section of Bundaberg-Gin Gin Road (locally known as Mount Perry Road) between Walters Street and North School Hill roundabout. This is a joint initiative of the Federal and Queensland Government and Bundaberg Regional Council.

Construction of the Technology Park flood levee in conjunction with the upgrade to Mount Perry Road will ensure the evacuation route remains open to the flood heights of 2013 flood.

View the combined mitigation projects in a January 2013 - like event

CMC was engaged to deliver this project.  The contractor mobilised to site in February 2015.

It is Council's intention to preserve the majority of existing mature trees and gardens. Any vegetation removed as part of the construction works will be reinstated at completion of the project as part of the streetscape beautification.  Additional measures are being undertaken to ensure preservation of the existing trees by incorporating permanent landscape retaining wall structures within the design to protect existing trees.

Construction works will require some trees to be trimmed in the vicinity of the Botanical Gardens.  A few trees will need to be removed in the area to be upgraded, with a new drainage system and the new 10 cell culvert to ensure potential floodwaters are uninhibited.

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Potential Reduced Flood Inundation based on modelled 2013 flood event

Take a look at our animated vision for a bird’s eye view of construction soon to be completed on Mt Perry Road, which will provide an evacuation route for North Bundaberg residents. The work is being undertaken by contractor Civil Mining and Construction with funding from the State Government and Council.

This work will see the road raised to approximately 300 mm above the 2013 flood level between the Hinkler Avenue roundabout and the Walters Street intersection. The design will also include major drainage upgrades which will assist in accommodating potential floodwaters.

Technology Park Flood Levee

Construction of a Flood Levee, at Bundaberg North Technology Park, to increase flood immunity for a section of Mount Perry Road - Proudly funded by the Queensland Government's Royalties for the Regions Program and Bundaberg Regional Council.

Flood modelling and detailed design has shown that construction of this levee in conjunction with the raising of Mount Perry Road will keep the evacuation route open up to a 2013 Flood Event. The original plans included the construction of a second flood levee on Batchlers Road, but this part of the project has become obsolete with the success of the Tech Park Levee design.

Tenders were called for the construction of a vegetated, earthern levee at Technology Park and local contractor, Berajondo Earthmoving & Haulage were engaged to commence construction; pending finalisation of access.

Construction of the eastern levee has been completed.  Grassing and rehabilitation has commenced.  The contractor will monitor rehabilitation of the site until February 2014.

Fairymead Road Flood Evacuation Route Upgrade

Upgrading of Fairymead Road between Bonney Street and Whittingtons Road:

Construction of the upgraded section of Fairymead Road between south of the Queen Street Roundabout to south of McKenzies Road in Bundaberg North began in February 2015 was was completed in June 2015.

Council's day labour crews performed as principal contractor and were assisted by a concrete contractor, City to Coast Concrete, to raise Fairymead Road 300 mm above the 2013 flood level; in conjunction with existing stormwater drainage upgrades. Stormwater upgrades included enlarged cross culverts and backflow prevention flaps to prevent river flood backwatering. These works were complimented by improvements to service lanes to improve safety and access while preserving the majority of existing mature trees and landscaping.

Construction of this project, in conjunction with other Flood Mitigation projects completed including the Technology Park flood levee and Mount Perry Road Flood Evacuation Route Upgrade, ensure that the evacuation of the Bundaberg North community remains open during flooding to an inundation level equivalent to the flood heights of the 2013 flood.

Council acknowledges the inconvenience to adjacent property owners, schools and business' in the area who may have been affected during the construction period and appreciates their patience during this time.

The Fairymead Road Evacuation Route Upgrade Project was a joint initiative of the Bundaberg Regional Council and the Queensland Government supported by the Natural Disaster Resilience Program funding and was completed on time and on budget.

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Bartholdt Drive Flood Evacuation Route

Extension of Bartholdt Drive to Bartholdt South Drive (off Bonna Road) to create an evacuation route for the Branyan residentsAn initiative of the Queensland Government and Bundaberg Regional Council:

This project will provide an evacuation path for the eastern part of Branyan addressing isolation issues previously experienced during large flooding events of the Burnett River, when McCoys Creek floods and closes the only access to this area via Branyan Drive.

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