Burnett River floodplain action plan



Following the disastrous 2013 Burnett River flood event Council undertook a flood risk management study known as the Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan. The plan was developed between August 2013 and completed in June 2014 and was underpinned by a comprehensive two-year flood modelling and mapping study of the Burnett River between Paradise Dam and the river mouth at Burnett Heads.

The purpose of the Plan was to:

  • Provide Council with an understanding of the nature and degree of flood risk across the lower Burnett River floodplain;
  • Assess a range of floodplain risk management measures that could be implemented to reduce flood risks and increase community resilience to flooding; and
  • Provide flood risk information to inform land-use planning decisions and emergency management activities.

The plan led to Council applying to the Queensland Government for $117,176,570 in funding for flood mitigation projects. The following projects have received funding and have been built:

  • Mount Perry Road (Bundaberg North);
  • Technology Park Flood Levee (off Cummins Street, Bundaberg North);
  • Fairymead Road (Bundaberg North); and
  • Bartholdt Drive (Branyan).

View the combined mitigation project for Bundaberg North in January 2013 like event.

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