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Get Ready GO Youth Digital Disaster Project

Council’s Disaster Management and Youth Development staff partnered with local company Coding Australia to facilitate a Youth Digital Program which was open to young people 10-18 years. During the July School Holidays 2016 a group of young people came together to create a digital piece of work to be used for increasing children and young people’s awareness and preparedness for natural disaster events.  During the September 2016 school holidays the group came back together again with the support of Bundaberg Broadcasters and Hits 93.9 FM to go into the studio to record the music overlay to there digital work.

As a part of Get Ready Week the material produced was showcased to the community on Tuesday 11 October at Alexandra Park. The material can be seen on Councils YouTube Channel:

or from

If you would like more information on this initiative please contact Andrea directly on 4130 4175, 0429 915 602 or


Bundaberg now has Australia's FIRST  RUOK? Community Conversation space 

Bundaberg Regional Council's Youth Development Officer worked in partnership with on bringing an idea into a reality for our region.

Not only did Bundaberg become the first location for the R U OK? Community Conversation space, we also provided information sessions to over 50 local residents aged 13 - 70 years of age from across our region who became Local R U OK Champions.

On Thursday 8 September 2016 in BRAG Park on Post Office Lane a special morning tea was held with not only our Local R U Ok Champions but Olympic and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Libby Trickett to open the new space. A morning with coffee and cookies supplied by Subway Bundaberg, plenty of sunshine and smiles saw the 1st part of the R U Ok Local Champions journey occur. The work does not stop here with Council continuing to work with R U Ok and our Local Champions on future ideas and projects for our region. We all need to remember " a conversation could change a life"


Child Protection Week. 4-10 September 2016

Queensland Child protection week was held during the first full week of September , were schools, businesses, community groups and government organisations rally together to bring light to this important cause. 

A range of events and activities were held throughout the Bundaberg Region to publicise and promote the important message of Child Protection.

With one such event the Community conversation - We need to talk about Youth Suicide, there has been a working group developed to take the findings from this event and investigate possible future projects, initiatives and partnerships to tackle this important issue that can effect so many. 


Council programs that may be of interest to your service or school include:

Stress Connection Program: This is a program that uses art to teach young people about stress, its effects on the body, ways to reduce it and where to go for help if you need it.

Think before you INK: A program designed to provide young people with valuable information about tattooing.

Taking Away Graffiti (TAG): A program to teach young people about graffiti and its differences to urban art


RE:ACT Youth Month

April 2016 saw RE:ACT Youth Month took off. Check out the webpage for more information.


Keep an eye out for these upcoming events and projects:

  • Pre-Youth Summit engagement - we will provide young people an opportunity to put here ideas and thoughts forward on the future of our region


Safer Internet Day and staying safe online


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9 February is Safer Internet Day. The theme this year was " Play your part for a better internet together".

Here are some websites that can provide you with information about staying safe online:


Raising Children Network

Stay Smart Online







Disaster Recovery information for young people and families

What is Youth Development?


Working in partnership with young people, various agencies and levels of Government to develop programs and opportunities Council's Youth Development Officer can assist to:

  • Improve the quality of life of young people in our region
  • Celebrate the diversity of young people
  • Increase the positive perception of young people by highlighting young people as valuable assets to the future of the community
  • Assist Council in decision making processes involving young people
  • Be a point of contact for young people so as to connect them to various types of support they may need whether it be health, legal, housing or just how to get something happening in the community.
  • Work with young people on their ideas and assist in the development of positive partnerships for young people.
  • Actively consulting and involve young people in the development, initiating and reviewing of youth plans for the region.
  • Promote co-ordination and networking in the sector
  • To support, coordinate or facilitate appropriate training, resources and information as highlighted by the youth sector where possible
  • To provide and collect advice and information on activities, projects and issues
  • To assist the non-government youth sector, governments and their agencies and local communities to plan and implement appropriate strategies, program and projects that effect young people.

Events/ Activities to watch out for:

  • REACT Youth Month
  • Youth Homelessness Matters Day
  • T.A.G Presentations in schools
  • School Holiday activities
  • Cybersafety - Safer Internet Day
  • Child Protection Week
  • Stress Connection Program
  • Social Inclusion Week
  • Bundaberg Career Expo