Bundaberg Regional Airport


Bundaberg Regional Council owns and operates Bundaberg Regional Airport which is located 6km south west of the Bundaberg CBD.

The region is serviced by two commercial airlines, Qantaslink and Virgin Australia, and a number of Charter Operators.  

Regular Qantaslink and Virgin Australia services fly in and out of Bundaberg (connecting to Brisbane) with approximately 35 services per week.     

For flight information or bookings, please contact:

The Bundaberg Airport has a kiosk facility that provides light refreshments for passengers and visitors.

Rental Cars
The following rental car companies currently operate from the Bundaberg Airport:

Avis Rent A Car  Ph 07 4152 1877 www.avis.com.au
Budget  Ph 07 5443 5230 www.budget.com.au
Europcar 07 4155 0333 http://car-rental.europcar.com.au/bundaberg-airport-car-hire
Thrifty  Ph 07 4151 6222 www.thrifty.com.au
Hertz  Ph 07 4155 0884 www.hertz.com.au

Fuel Facilities
Aviation fuel is available from A & H Refuelling (Shell Aviation) Ph 07 41551061 or 0418782875.

General Aviation
General Aviation parking is available in the designated area and aircraft tie down facilities are available for lease.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges for Bundaberg Regional Airport are available here. Please also refer to the ‘Conditions of Use’ paragraph below.

If you have any queries, or require further business development information please email the Commercial Business and Economic Development team at airport@bundaberg.qld.gov.au  or phone 1300 883 699.  

Virtual Tour

Virtually walk around Bundaberg Regional Airport, including the terminal, passenger pick up and set down areas and carpark. You can even take a virtual walk out onto the apron and runway.

Airport Baggage Trolleys

Baggage trolleys are now available to arriving and departing passengers.  They are stored in the baggage claim hall near the baggage carousel, and can be released from the rack by a $2.00 coin deposit.  The deposit is returned when the trolley is returned to the rack.  

Council hopes you find the trolleys useful when you next travel with a lot of baggage, or something heavy that doesn't have it's own wheels. 

Condition of use policy including Fees and Charges

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 02 February 2016, the Conditions of Use Policy» was formally resolved by Council.  This document is intended to provide guidance and direction to users and tenants of the Bundaberg Regional Airport to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, and the safe conduct of activities at the Airport.  By Federal Regulation and Local Law 7, Council must control airside safety and security, but permit access to the airport facilities by users having a lawful excuse to be in security controlled areas. 

An important part of the Policy serves as guidelines to control the use of vehicles accessing the airside through security measures and by a specific approvals application process.

A further inclusion in the Conditions of Use Policy» is a change to landing fees applying to all aircraft over 1,000 MTOW.  However, a one-off exemption will be provided to aircraft within the MTOW range 1,000 - 1500 kilograms owned by hangar lessees and domiciled at the Bundaberg Regional Airport as at 01 July 2016, whereby the normal Council 'Fees & Charges' will apply.  These variations continue in force from 01 July 2016 and reflect Council's need to operate the airport as a commercial business and to assist with funding of airport infrastructure and services.

It is anticipated that all airport stakeholders will be provided with a copy of the Conditions of Use Policy» and any person with feedback is encouraged to email the Manager, Commercial Business & Economic Development Cameron Bisley at cameron.bisley@bundaberg.qld.gov.au 

 Parking at the Airport 

Public Car Park
Located directly in front of the terminal building, the public car park provides quick easy access to the terminal, with disabled car parking available.

There is no charge for the first hour use of the public car park. Payment can be made by cash or credit card (visa or mastercard) at one of the two automatic payment machines located in the baggage collection area.

The parking policy provides FREE parking for the first one hour. Visitors dropping off or picking up passengers within one hour will not pay for parking. After this period the fee is in accordance with the fee schedule. 

This system aims to maximise the availability of parking for all Airport users. Revenue raised from parking will assist the Airport keep pace with the ever increasing operational costs, including security regulations. Funds will also be used to support ongoing improvements to the Airport services and facilities. 

Please select the image to the left to view more information and fees & charges. 

Advertising at the Bundaberg Airport

Around 150,000 passengers pass through the Bundaberg Airport every year. For many of these people Bundaberg Airport is the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, perfect beaches, warm sunshine, and home to iconic brands such as Bundaberg Rum and Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.

You can expose your business to these people by advertising at the Bundaberg Airport on billboards, banners, static displays, digital signage, light boxes etc.

For more information on the many advertising opportunities available at the Bundaberg Regional Airport or to discuss a successful advertising solution, please contact Tayco Outdoor Advertising today:

Amanda Bain
Sales & Marketing Executive
Telephone: +61 7 4154 4558
Email: sales@taycooutdoor.com.au
Web: www.taycooutdoor.com.au

General Aviation Hangars

Good news for the general aviation and light aircraft fraternity who are seeking new hangar sites in the Bundaberg Region.

Bundaberg Regional Council recently approved the General Aviation Master Plan developed by independent consultants, which sets out 17 new hangar sites to maximise the use and functionality of the existing and proposed taxiway system and future access to the Kensington Parkside Air Park.

Safety associated with increased taxiway traffic has also been paramount with master planned designs avoiding head-to-head traffic movements on taxiways and greater Hangar movement and flexibility.

Council has now endorsed the Master Plan and is seeking 'Expressions of Interest' from interested parties who may wish to lease a hanger space. The completion of the project was greatly anticipated and has resulted in one new hanger already being built and a number of interested parties indicating they will be taking up this opportunity in the near future. Bundaberg Regional Council has always been a strong supporter of the General Aviation industry and we beleive the new GA Masterplan will present the region with many more aviation opportunities.

 GA Hanger M-Masterplan
Aviation Security - Passenger Screening

The Office of Transport Security requires that passengers, carry-on luggage and checked baggage must be security screened from 01 July 2012.

Bundaberg Regional Council has been proactive in seeking and taking delivery of the best equipment available to provide these services.  The checked baggage x-ray equipment is installed and the passenger carry-on luggage x-ray equipment is scheduled to be installed in April 2012.  The cost for the equipment will be covered by a Federal Government grant for establishing security screening services.

In December 2011, Council advertised for an aviation security screening contractor to provide the staffing services for security functions.  The selection and engagement process is now finalised and we congratulate MSS Ltd who have been endorsed by Council to provide this service. We anticipate security screening services will commence in mid-June this year.

The commencement of security screening and the introduction of a sterile security border around the Departures Lounge will result in a number of operational changes at the airport and we will endeavour to keep the community informed as the implementation date gets closer.

Security Camera Coverage

With the recent expansion of public car park facilities and legislative requirements by the Office of Transport Security to provide CCTV coverage of airside access points, Council is progressing the process to install additional security camera points and systems.

The level of service and security has increased exponentially over the past three years inline with increased compliance of National and International regulation. Bundaberg Regional Airport continues to develop and expand to meet the current and future demand.

Travellers Survey Completed

Air travellers have responded positively to a Bundaberg Regional Council online survey with a majority giving the upgraded regional airport operations a tick of approval.

Council conducted the survey to gather valuable feedback from airline passengers to help with ongoing evaluation of the airport and guide its future growth and direction.

The survey found eighty-six per cent of the 1142 people who took part in the survey said they were satisfied with their experience at the airport.  Read more»

Bundaberg Regional Airport Master Plan 2016

The Bundaberg Regional Airport Master Plan is Council's blueprint for the future development of the airport, and sets out a strategic vision for the economic and efficient use of the airport over a 10 year planning period.  The 2016 plan was adopted by Council following a process of consultation with the community and other key stakeholders.  

The 2016 Master Plan describes the strategic vision for the Bundaberg Regional Airport as a gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, balancing the needs of airport users and community, facilitating and supporting regional economic growth, while minimising its' environmental impact.  Airport operations will be focused on long term financial  sustainability, a consistently high level of safe airport operation and innovative responses to environmental challenges.  Management of the airport will provide appropriate infrastructure that meets the region's current and future needs in the most cost effective and sustainable manner.

The Master Plan identifies no need for significant airside upgrades to support scheduled passenger services, but indicates a need for movement area maintenance to ensure continuing serviceability.  The development of an Emergency Services Precinct is proposed as one integrated landside /  airside development and the potential for others is cited as an opportunity.  The Plan notes there is adequate space provided for future general aviation developments and the Bundaberg Aviation and Aerospace Precinct provides sufficient industrial and commercial land for the planning period.  

The full Master Plan document is available here»

Bundaberg Regional Aviation and Aerospace Precinct

Bundaberg region enjoys a proud reputation in aviation, being the home of pioneer aviator Bert Hinkler and the established base of iconic manufacturing firms Jabiru Aircraft, MicroAir Avionics and CAMit Industries.  A substantial supply chain consisting of many other small businesses operating in and around the city and region, has already developed to support these businesses. 

Further, the Central Queensland University has established both a Diploma and Bachelor Degree of Aviation Technology course which is available at the Bundaberg Campus.

Capitalising on the region's aviation industry capability and in an endeavour to create new regional economic development opportunities, the Bundaberg Regional Council has developed an Aviation and Aerospace Precinct Master Plan.

The Bundaberg Regional Aviation and Aerospace Precinct encompasses an area of 290.6ha and includes:

  • existing aviation industries, charter operations, pilot training schools
  • existing airport
  • new passenger terminal
  • CQUniversity - Diploma and Bachelor Degree of Aviation Technology studies
  • an 11ha business and commercial precinct, which will have both leasehold and freehold lots with airside and landside access
  • an adjacent privately developed Business and Residential Airpark, both with airside and landside access
  • the Regional Aerial Emergency Services Headquarters; being the base for the Royal Flying Doctors Service and the RACQ Helicopter Rescue Service.

The future development of the Precinct will provide the region with employment, skill enhancement, business development and global opportunities, technological advancements, and will contribute to the region's growing tourism industry.  Investment into the industry will further develop the existing aviation and aerospace supply chain, in turn, having a positive economic impact on the whole of the Wide Bay Burnett region.


Property Address
Property Description
County Parish
 Airport Drive, Kensington
 Lot 17 on SP283978
   Cook  Bundaberg  6131m2  $185/m2
 Airport Drive, Kensington  Lot 31 on SP254546
   Cook  Bundaberg  4398m2  $120/m2
 Airport Drive, Kensington  Lot 32 on SP254547
   Cook  Bundaberg  4139m2  $120/m2
 Airport Drive, Kensington  Lot 33 on SP254548
   Cook  Bundaberg  3337m2  $120/m2
 Airport Drive, Kensington  Lot 34 on SP254549
   Cook  Bundaberg  3616m2  $120/m2

If you have any queries or require further business development information in regard to any of the above components of the Bundaberg Regional Aviation and Aerospace Precinct then please email the Commercial Business and Economic Development team at airport@bundaberg.qld.gov.au  or phone 1300 883 699.