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Sundry debtors

Council also issues tax invoices for other works they do or services they provide to the community. These are called sundry debtors or accounts receivable and are different to your rate account.

These are for entities that need a tax invoice for work that Council does or services provided to them. In most instances payment for works or services will need to be made up front but there are instances where an account can be set up.

Entities that require a tax invoice may need to complete and submit a credit application form which requires an approval from management.

Council now has the ability to email your tax invoice directly to your email account. This service is called eInvoices. 

A link is provided below for you to register. With the increased cost of postage and longer delivery times, electronic delivery is quicker, more convenient and environmentally friendly.

  • Please advise Council if you change your email address, or if you wish to cancel this service, by emailing
  • IMPORTANT: If you have not received your tax invoice in your email inbox please check that your email filter hasn’t diverted it to your junk/spam email folder. You can also search the word ‘invoice” in your inbox to see where it may have gone if you can't see it.

Register for eInvoices

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