How can I receive my rates notice

eRates registration

Register here to receive your rates notice via email.

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Register for eRates

Before you sign up, here are some things to consider:

  • Where a property has multiple owners , all owners must register for eRates and give consent to receive the rate notice to the email address provided.
  • By submitting this application you are authorising Council to send an electronic rate notice to your nominated email address and cancelling the delivery of a paper rate notice.
  • Any existing email address will be superseded by the email address you provide with this application.
  • If you have more than one rate assessment, you must provide each rate assessment number on your application in the box provided.
  • If your application to receive rate notices by email is too close to Council’s billing date, you may receive one more paper rate notice before you start receiving them via email.
  • Please advise Council if you change your email address, or if you wish to cancel this service, by emailing
  • If you already receive your rate notice via BPay View and wish to switch to eRates, please remember to de-register your BPay View account.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have not received your rate notice in your email inbox please check that your email filter hasn’t diverted it to your junk/spam email folder.  You can also search the word 'rates' in your inbox to see where it may have gone if you can't see it.

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