Waste facilities

Waste disposal vouchers

Owners of a residential properties within the Bundaberg Regional Council area are entitled to two (2) Waste Disposal Vouchers which are issued annually in July.

Landlords and property managers are encouraged to pass vouchers on to their tenants.

Residential property

Residental properties which have a lawfully approved liveable dwelling are issued waste vouchers.
Vouchers will not be allocated to vacant land / outbuildings (eg sheds) - properties that do not have an approved liveable dwelling.


The single use waste vouchers provide residents with the option of making two free visits to a waste disposal facility at a time of their choosing.

The vouchers are valid for the disposal of self –hauled domestic mixed waste or domestic green waste at any of our waste facilities. Vouchers are for domestic residential use only and not to be used as tender / payment for commercial businesses.

One voucher is equal to a sedan, station wagon, van, utility or trailer load.

2020/2021 waste vouchers

Waste Voucher have a QR code and are barcoded to and issued against the individual residential property. 

E-Vouchers - residents who received their rates electronically (BPay or ERates) will get their waste disposal vouchers supplied electronically (E-Voucher). If residents plan to print vouchers off for use please ensure the QR barcode number is included.  

Lost/ Misplaced - if a voucher is lost, misplaced or not received please contact Council to advise on 1300 883 699

Waste disposal voucher 2020/2021    


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