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Mayor's Telstra Innovation Awards

Bundaberg Regional Council is proud to partner with Telstra, CQUniversity, TAFE Queensland, Community Lifestyle Support (CLS) MAKI SPACE, Sweet Potatoes Australia, Queensland Computers, Regional Business HQ, and The Generator to deliver the 2021 Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards exclusively to high schools within the Bundaberg Regional Council Local Government Area.

The Award's purpose is to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, by helping students in the Bundaberg Region unlock their problem-solving potential and take their big technology ideas to the next level.

The main aims of The Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards are to: 

  • Nurture the knowledge base that exists among the young people of our region 
  • Inspire students to be innovative and collaborative 
  • Highlight the importance of study in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields for the future of the Bundaberg Region – building a knowledge-based economy. 
  • Foster a culture of entrepreneurship amongst the young people in the region

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