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It is a requirement of Council’s Local Law No. 4 that the owners of land (other than vacant land) must display the number which has been allocated to that property. It is important that numbers are displayed to assist emergency services and utility providers in quickly locating a property. The main access, or where access is most likely to occur for a visitor from the road to the address site (e.g. front door or driveway) determines the property address. 

Council is responsible for allocating numbers to properties. To ensure consistency, Rural and Urban Addressing is allocated in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard.

Rural numbering is based on the distance along a road from the start of the road to the property entrance. For these properties, a standard post and numbers can be purchased from and installed by Council.

Further information can be obtained from Council’s Engineering Services team on 1300 883 699 or via email.

An Application Form for property addressing can be downloaded below:

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