Roads and pathways

Working on roads

Prior to carrying out any works that affect Council’s roads, an application for approval to work on roads is required to be submitted. If approval is granted, it will be subject to conditions.

The type of works that require approval include:

  • Building work where it encroaches onto a footpath or roadway
  • Cleaning or painting of buildings from footpaths or roadways
  • Construction of road works not associated with development approvals which are handled through the Planning approval process
  • Installation of pipes or other infrastructure on a road reserve
  • Construction of driveways and property accesses
  • Temporary closure of roads (full and partial)
  • Vegetation Clearing / Controlled Burns
  • Any other activities which affect a road reserve.

The following work is exempt:

If you are unsure if an approval is required, contact the Engineering Services team on 1300 883 699 or via email.

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