Gracie Dixon Centre

Accessing our services

For our members attending the centre, our programs are designed to develop, maintain or support each individuals capacity for independent living and provide them the opportunity for social interaction.

Our services are available to eligible clients aged over 65 years or over (or 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people). Screening is required to assess eligibility and can be done through My Aged Care. My Aged Care will determine eligibility for services, discuss your needs and send referrals to service providers that have availability. If you would like services from Gracie Dixon it is important that you state this at the time of screening. Alternatively you can contact the Gracie Dixon Centre and they will complete an online referral on your behalf and My Aged Care will contact you.

Assistance can be sought by anyone including:

  • Individuals
  • Relatives or friends
  • Doctors or specialists
  • Hospitals
  • Other community services

To contact My Aged Care phone 1800 200 422 or contact Gracie Dixon Centre phone 4130 4120.

The Coordinator will arrange an appointment to assist you in completing a screening. If the Gracie Dixon Centre is unable to assist you, the Coordinator will let you know of other suitable services and can arrange for a referral, which will meet your needs.