Pest animals

Feral hog deer standing in a field

Dingo/wild dogs

Pack of dingos web

Canis familiaris, C. familiaris dingo, C. lupus familiaris, C. lupus dingo

Wild dogs are a restricted invasive animal under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Wild dogs refer to pure-bred dingoes, domestic dogs that have escaped or been deliberately released and resulting hybrids that are now living in the wild. Dingoes and wild dogs are common in our region and can impact our native wildlife and cause substantial losses to owners of domestic livestock. Control options include shooting, trapping, baiting, exclusion fencing and the use of guardian dogs such as maremma’s.

Land protection officers can assist landholders with the provision of traps, baits and advice on effective control methods. Officers undertake co-ordinated baiting programs in April and August each year. Landholders requiring to bait outside of these times should contact one of Council's land protection officers. Restrictions apply for accessing 1080 poison.

For further information on the assistance available to landholders, visit the Landholders Assistance page or call 1300 883 699.