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The city of Bundaberg and its outlying regional communities retain a natural charm and relaxed lifestyle that appeals to the young and young at heart alike.

The unprecedented combination of a temperate climate, easy-going lifestyle and inexpensive cost of living with as little as 15 minutes from the coast makes the Bundaberg Region an irresistible prospect for both residents and investors.

Boasting a full range of educational facilities from pre-schools to a university, Bundaberg is home to an academic community that is consciously aware of supporting the growth of its local industries. Several high quality educational institutions in the region offer studies such as aviation technology, digital manufacturing and design as part of their curriculum to their students.

Located just outside of the central business district, the Bundaberg Base Hospital offers a comprehensive range of health services to the public including an emergency department and specialised maternity, obstetric and rehabilitation units. Additionally, Bundaberg caters to its region with ample quality aged care, disability and community services.

Bundaberg’s sentiment of community and solidarity is felt and known far beyond its region’s peripheries.

Residents are celebrated for their friendly, irrepressibly resilient spirits that embolden a sense of togetherness and neighbourhood.


#lovebundy campaign

Our dynamic local businesses showcase their passion for the Bundaberg Region by supporting the #lovebundy Bundaberg Traders’ Campaign, encouraging visitors to sample the unique products and attractions on offer while engaging with delightful pop up exhibitions and events.

The #lovebundy Bundaberg Traders’ Campaign was the brainchild of a group of local business owners looking for ways to improve community pride and spread the important message about buying local. Working together with Bundaberg Regional Council, Bundaberg Chamber of Commerce, Bundaberg Business Enterprise Centre, Triple M, Hitz 93.9 and Catalyst Media, businesses collaboratively drive community pride and raise awareness about the great local businesses in the Bundaberg Region.

Through the campaign, locally owned small and medium businesses are assisted to:

  • Obtain greater exposure for their business through a variety of advertising platforms
  • Develop beneficial collaboration between small businesses
  • Access widespread marketing and promotion opportunities
  • Potentially increase foot traffic leading to more sales opportunities
  • Join a campaign supported by Council
  • The campaign’s focus is to influence the consumer to ‘Buy Local or Bye Local’
  • We #lovebundy and want to share the love with the world


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