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If you are making a plumbing application and inspection request, the following information outlines how you can work with Council to achieve positive outcomes in a timely manner. This will ensure all requirements are met, avoid potential delays and ensure applicants are aware of common inspection problems.

Council requires the following items to be submitted before any plumbing and drainage work is commenced for Class 1 to 10 buildings:

  • Completed Form 1 and Form 7
  • Site plan of the property
  • Construction plans of the proposed development
  • Hydraulic plans of the proposed development (if required)
  • Commercial applications (A1 printed plans to be supplied)
  • Soil test report
  • Articulation report for soil classes H, E and P
  • Percolation test (if required)
  • On-site wastewater design (if required) 
  • Payment of application fees
  • Properties within the declared water and sewer services areas, a notification may be required showing the Notice to Service Provider application has been received by the Service Provider and approved
  • If required, a Planning Development approval notification

Upon receipt of the above documentation, an assessment will be undertaken and, if successful, a Plumbing Compliance Permit approval will be issued.

Forms for the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018

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