On-site sewerage systems

Maintaining on-site sewerage facility

It is the property owner’s responsibility as stipulated in the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 to maintain an on-site sewerage facility. It is essential that the facility is regularly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and approval conditions.

Maintenance requirements differ depending on the type of on-site sewerage facility you have however commonly require servicing every three (3) months. State legislation requires that the system be serviced as recommended by the manufacturer’s specification.

A licensed service agent must be engaged to carry out the maintenance and, depending on the system, to provide Council with a report of the performance of the system.

The servicing agent who maintains the treatment plant must hold a current license in one of the three following categories, issued under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018:

  • Plumber and drainer’s license with an on-site sewerage facility endorsement;
  • Drainers licence only with an on-site sewerage facility endorsements; or
  • Restricted drainer’s licence for on-site sewerage facility (with ‘maintain’ condition stated on the licence)

Caring for your system

Make sure the household products you use do not impair the performance of your on-site sewerage system. Ask your service agent if you are unsure, or refer to the owner's manual or our do and do not fact sheet for general advice.

Many older properties have an existing on-site sewerage facility called a septic tank with a greywater holding tank, also known as a sullage system, that requires pumping out.