Youth Development Action Team

The Youth Development Action Team (YDAT) were brought together to work in partnership with Council to assist in identifying issues the young people of the Region are experiencing.

As part of YDAT, exciting opportunities arise as YDAT create activities and projects that address deficits in the community. YDAT bring youth issues to the attention of Council representatives, learn project management skills through all youth led activities they undertake, and also implement processes of meeting governance, chair secretary and acknowledgment of country. All YDAT activities and projects are supported by the Community Development Strategy, which provides an overarching framework for YDAT action in our community to promote inclusion, participation, accessibility and connectivity.

Projects and activities:

  • The Walla Street Skate Park Upgrade, providing advice and ideas.

During the COVID19 lockdown, online activities were developed to support the regions frontline workers, families and environment:

  • Positive Postcards link
  • Scavenger Hunt link
  • Green Book Project: Assisted grants funding application to provide environmental activities and awareness activities for youth across the region (pending)

If you know a young person who is passionate about creating change, addressing social issues or advocating for youth, you can join our YDAT team or send through suggestions to

For more information click here

Sour Words Hurt – YDAT Initiative:

The Youth Development Action Team (YDAT) have created a PLEDGE to take a stand against bullying in the Bundaberg Region.

As part in this challenge you will need to print, sign and date the pledge, read it aloud and then take a bite into a lemon or lime while filming on your phone to be shared with family and friends. Council’s YDAT have a vision that this pledge will go viral and empower other young people and the wider community, to stand up against bullying.

Will you take the pledge? YDAT Sour Words Hurt Pledge

Council’s Youth Development Action Team featured on Bundaberg Now

2020 Council’s Youth Development Action Team

2020 YDAT Member Billie Morgan

2020 YDAT Positive Postcard’s  

2020 YDAT Sour Words Hurt

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