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Bundaberg Regional Council Officers will audit and assess all food safety risks associated within a food business. The results will be formally documented on an audit proforma similar to the Eat Safe Bundaberg Region Food Safety Checklist.

In order to understand what is required to comply with the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards, food businesses should read the food industry checklist in conjunction with the Eat Safe Bundaberg Region Food Safety Made Easy Guide.

Following the Food Safety Made Easy Guide will also help your business work towards achieving a high Eat Safe Bundaberg Region star rating.

Good management practices

In order to achieve a 4 or 5 star rating, food businesses are also required to keep accurate records of good management practices. The required documents are listed in Section B of the Eat Safe Bundaberg Region Food Safety Checklist. In order to help business keep documented management practices, Council has created food safety management templates for business.

Audit review

If you disagree with your star rating you can make a formal application for an audit review. An application for an audit review must be made within five days from the date of the audit. Supporting documentation will be required to justify the request.

There is a fee for a review. Conditions apply.

Reassessment audit

Businesses who have made improvements to their food safety management practices since their initial audit and want to improve their star rating can request a reassessment audit for a fee. A waiting period of 3 months since your last audit must be observed before an application for a reassessment audit may be submitted. Only one reassessment audit can be undertaken in any 12 month period. Additionally 0 and 2 star rated premises can only upgrade to a 3 star rating as a result of a reassessment audit.

Eat Safe self audit

All businesses with a 4 or 5 star rating are required to complete a self-audit one year after being awarded their star rating. An annual renewal fee discount is provided to 4 and 5 star businesses regardless of whether or not they opted into the Eat Safe Bundaberg Region scheme. This self-audit ensures food preparation, storage, handling and cleaning at these premises continues to meet legislative requirements and good food safety management practices.

Failure to submit a completed self-audit may result in an onsite food safety audit conducted by Council at a cost to the food business. This audit may result in a lowering of the star rating, which will subsequently increase the annual food license renewal fees payable by the food business.

Random spot check audits will also be conducted to monitor the compliance of 4 and 5 star food businesses.

Non-compliance identified during a self-audit

The food business has an obligation to rectify any identified non-compliance as quickly as possible. Internal processes should be reviewed to determine why the non-compliance occurred and appropriate actions taken to ensure it does not happen again.

Council is to be notified by selecting the 'non-compliances identified' tick box on the self-audit form. This form is to be returned to Council and an Environmental Health Officer will determine if further investigation is required.

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