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A food safety star rating (up to five stars) is based on compliance with the Food Act 2006, the food safety standards and good management practices. All food businesses receive an Eat Safe food safety star rating of either no star, two, three, four or five stars at the end of a food safety audit conducted by an authorised Bundaberg Regional Council Officer. Businesses that demonstrate good levels of food safety will receive three or more stars and can choose to display their food safety star rating onsite and on Council's website.

Trading details for every food business in the Bundaberg Region (name, location, and license category) are listed on Council's website.

To assist food businesses in achieving a high Eat Safe star rating, Council have reproduced the following documents originally developed by Brisbane City Council.

  1. Eat Safe - Food Safety Made Easy Guide - This guide has been developed to assist food businesses to comply with the Food Act 2006, Food Safety Standards and to implement good management practices. The guide explains your legal requirements and outlines how to implement good food safety management practices.
  2. Eat Safe - Food Safety Checklist (self-auditing) - This checklist will enable the business to undertake a self-audit on the food premises to work out an approximate food safety star rating that you would likely expect and to identify areas in which the business could improve.
  3. Eat Safe - Good Management Practices (templates) - These templates provide the business with examples of what monitoring documents should include. These templates can be photocopied to be used within the food business, or can be used as a guide to make your own specialised documents.

Eat Safe guide Eat Safe self auditing Eat Safe Record Templates Agreement to Display

Using these three documents will not only improve a business' accountability but also achieve a high star rating. If you are interested in taking part in the Eat Safe program, please ensure you view these documents so you can make an informed decision on whether to display your star rating. To receive the above documents via email or to have a hard copy posted to you, please contact one of Council's Environmental Health Officers on 1300 883 699.

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