ERates Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Electronic Delivery of Rate Notices  

1. Signup  

a. The delivery of electronic rates notices is given in accordance with section 108 of the Local Government Regulation 2012. 

b. In placing my/our name on this application, I/we give my consent for future rate and water notices (collectively ‘rates notice’) to be sent to me/us electronically to a nominated email address. This includes any associated Council documents which would normally accompany a paper rates notice. 

c. I/we acknowledge that it is my/our responsibility to ensure that the nominated email address is accurate and current.  

d. I/we understand that by registering for electronic delivery, a copy of a rates notice by paper delivery will not issue for the relevant property. 

e. I/we understand that in order to comply with the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council will only issue an electronic rates notice to a nominated email address if all co-owners of the relevant property also place their name on this application (or submit a separate application), nominate the same nominated email address and agree to these terms and conditions.  

f. For clarity, where a name has been placed on this application, it is expected that the co-owner has explicitly consented to the application and is aware of the terms and conditions.  


2. Delivery 

a. I/we agree that my/our rates notice is deemed served on successful delivery to my nominated email, whether or not I/we have opened or read the email. For clarity, delivery is successful where no ‘bounce-back’ is received by Council.  

b. I/we acknowledge it is my/our responsibility to check the nominated email address and to ensure I/we pay rates by the due date. 

c. I/we acknowledge I/we am/are responsible for contacting Council to obtain a rates notice should a rates notice not be received. 

d. I/we acknowledge that if the delivery of the rates notice to the nominated email address is not successful, my/our rates notice will issue via paper delivery to the last advised postal address recorded in Council's database. The delivery method will also be updated to paper delivery for future rates notices. 


3. Change or cancellation 

a. I/we agree that it is my/our responsibility to notify Council of any changes to the nominated email address or to cancel this service, in a timely fashion. Council can be contacted on 1300 883 699. 

b. I/we further note that should iI/we advise Council of a change in accordance with clause 5(a) that the permission of all co-owners will be required to effect the change.  

c. I/we acknowledge that if Council receives any notification of a change in ownership of the property, including sale of the property, transmission by death, transfers into or out of joint names, change of owner name (e.g. due to a change in marital status), or otherwise, the delivery method of rates notices for the relevant property will automatically revert to paper delivery.  

d. I/we acknowledge that should the delivery of rates notice revert to paper delivery for one of the reasons detailed herein, that I/we must make a new application to Council to register for electronic delivery.Top of Form (tick box for each name)