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Get Ready Goosechase

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The Get Ready Goosechase Teams 2022 is a scavenger hunt for teams of 3-5 players. Games will occur in three separate locations across the region, Bundaberg, Childers and Gin Gin.

The Goosechase will start on Saturday 25 June and finish on Sunday 10 July 2022.

What's involved?

Teams will complete a range of missions to gain points in their location. The teams with the highest points in their location will be crowned the 2022 Get Ready Goosechase Team Champions.

Each team that registers will get a Team Get Ready Goosechase Kit which will have your teams game code and password and a range of information to your your team complete the missions.

Missions will require teams to submit photos or videos, answer questions or go to selected sites using a free app called Goosechase.

Are there prizes? 

Absolutely. Each location will have a range of prizes up for grabs, with special giveaway and prize challenges also occurring, so your team doesn’t have to be the top point scorer to get the goodies.

How do I register a team? 

Complete one form per team member at the link below. Please have your team name organised with your team members before completing the form.

You can register a team in more than one location, but please note that each location is a separate game and points from different locations are not tallied together.

Register your team here

Please read the Terms and Condition and Media information prior to registering, as players that are under 18 years of age will require parental or guardian consent as outlined in these documents.

Paper copies are available from Council upon request.

2022 Missions

Bundaberg Missions   Childers Missions   Gin Gin Missions