FAQs and general information


What airlines service our region?
Discover our regional airport

Is parking available at the Airport & what does it cost?
See information page on parking at the airport

Why do I need to register my dog and how much does it cost?
See information page on dog registration

Can I walk my dog on the beach and are there Off Leash areas?
See information page about allowing dog on beaches and off leash areas

I have lost or found a dog, what do I do?
Find your lost animal or report a found animal

Am I required to register my cat?
See more information on cat registration

Where are the cemeteries within our Region?
See information page on all cemeteries in the region

What do I need to know about my local cemetery?
See frequently asked questions about our cemetery

How do I start my own food business?
See information page on food licensing

Do I need a Street or Road Number for my property?
See information page on requirements of road and street numbering

How do I know if a road is closed?
Check road closures and traffic disruptions

Am I responsible to mow the grass on the footpath?
See information page on footpath maintenance

How do I report a streetlight that is not operating?
See information page on public lighting

Are there parking fees in the Bundaberg CBD area?
See information on parking and loading zones

What do I need to know about my property Rates?
See information about rates and property

What do I need to know about my Waste & Recycling bins?
See information page on kerbside bin collection services

How do I locate and book a venue or facility?
Find/book a Council venue or facility

I want to update or change my address?
Complete a change of address form online