Contracts awarded over $200,000

Contracts Awarded over $200,000

As per section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, the following contracts greater than $200,000 (exclusive of GST) in value have been awarded by Council in the past 12 months.

Contractor's Name Value of  Purpose of Contract Contract Order/Number
Civica Pty Ltd $420,000 Enterprise Resource Planning TEN/0641
Greensill Aviation $45,000 per annum (20 yr lease) Lease of Lot 41, Stage 4 of BRAAP TEN/0852
Cleanaway Pty Ltd $ 271,543 Waste Skip Bin Services TEN/1004
Ampol Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd

$ 990,219

Supply and Delivery of Bulk Fuel TEN/1120
Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd $ 246,670 Supply of Survey Equipment TEN/1146
Wideland Trucks & Equipment Pty Ltd $420,000 Supply and Delivery of Three Light/Medium Trucks with Specialised Bodies

TEN/1150 & 405430

Queensland Computers Schedule of Rates Supply of Computer Hardware Replacements - Laptops and Desktops TEN/1183
Kickabout Pty Ltd T/AS Duplic8 Schedule of Rates Supply of Managed Print Services TEN/1185
RPS Australia East Pty Ltd $ 399,928 Moore Park Beach Masterplan Design - Stage 1

TEN/1255 & 414005

Hastings Deering Schedule of Rates Caterpillar Parts, Services & Repairs TEN/1256
Rosemech Sales & Service Pty Ltd  $ 369,570 Supply and Delivery of One (1) Dual Control Sweeper Truck

TEN/1297 & 415681

Australian Tyre Processors Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates Colleciton & Recycling of Tyres from Waste Facility TEN/1302
Bundaberg Motor Group $  984,429 Supply and Delivery of Utilities for the 2021/22 Plant Replacement Program TEN/1326 & 413520
Berajondo Earthmoving & Haulage $  670,450 Supply & Delivery of Leachate Rock - Cell 4 TEN/1327
Amazon Web Services Schedule of Rates Provision of Cloud Services TEN/1336
Bundaberg Constructions $ 710,000 Design & Construct New Horse Stables - Bundaberg Racecourse TEN/1348 & 412100
Bundaberg Cleaning Supplies Schedule of Rates Supply of Janitorial Products TEN/1362 
MC Switchboard Engineering Pty Ltd $ 238,997 Supply of Electrical Switchboards TEN/1371 & 413172
GCM Enviro Pty Ltd $ 852,000 Suppy and Delivery of One (1) Landfill Compactor TEN/1372 & 415910
Hastings Deering (Australia) Ltd $401,593 Supply and Delivery of One (1) Motor Grader

TEN/1373 & 414301

Hastings Deering (Australia) Ltd $ 255,000 Supply and Delivery of One (1) Backhoe TEN/1374 & 414387
Wideland Group $ 404,982 Supply and Delivery of One (1) Single Cab 4x2 Medium Fuel Truck TEN/1379 & 415275
Port City Isuzu $ 239,637 Supply and Delivery of Two (2) Water Trucks TEN/1380 417940 & 417939
Hino Motor Sales Australia Pty Ltd (Wideland Group) $ 386,552 Supply and Delivery of Three (3) Parks & Gardens Maintenance Trucks TEN1381 & 421888
Hino Motor Sales Australia Pty Ltd (Wideland Group) $ 378,474 Supply and Delivery of Two (2) Crew Cab Tipper Trucks TEN/1383 & 422482
T2 Electrical & Data Pty Ltd $ 442,462 Salter Oval Lighting Upgrade TEN/1394
Berajondo Pty Ltd ATF Sal Bonanno Family Trust $3,022,176 Road Rehabilitation Program 2021-2022 TEN/1402
Christensen Industries Pty Ltd $ 215,345 Internal Demolitions of Bundaberg Community Hub TEN/1420
John Deere Limited $ 396,110 Supply and Delivery of Three 4WD Agrucultural Tractors TEN/1428 & 420637
Shephard Transport Equipment $ 214,909 Supply and Delivery of Two (2) Tri-Axle Tipper Dog Trailers TEN/1430 & 419074
TCL Projects Pty Ltd $ 224,279 Woodgate 2nd Avenue Toilet Block Refurbishment TEN/1457
Dreampour Pty Ltd Trading As Kerb Placers $ 553,412 Pathways Program 2021-2022 TEN/1464
Abyss Demolitions $330,945 Demolition of buildings at 78 Woongarra St, 4 Maryborough St, and 1A Quay Street Bundaberg TEN/1479
Retail Electricity Services for Large Contestable Services Schedule of Rates Shell Energy Retail Pty Ltd TEN/1490
Rowland Engineering $216,780 Supply, Delivery and Commission of Two (2) Horizontal Closed Door Balers TEN/1508
Bundy Star and Truck Schedule of Rates Iveco and Dennis Eagle Parts, Service and Repairs TEN/1522
SCQ Pty Ltd $1,858,372 Goodwood Road & Lucketts Road Intersection Upgrade TEN/1545

Wideland Trucks & Equipment Pty Ltd

Western Truck Group




Supply and Delivery of Two (2) Denis Eagle Refuse Compactor Trucks

Supply and Delivery of One (1) Volvo Refuse Compactor Truck

TEN/1556 420956 & 420951
Pathways Program 2021-2022 Package 2 $ 561,672 Christensen Industries Pty Ltd TEN/1558
Colas Queensland Pty Ltd $1,276,731 Bitumen Resurfacing Program 2021/2022 TEN/1590
AECOM Australia Pty Ltd $ 347,355 Detailed Design of Bargara WWTP to Rubyanna WWTP Diversion TEN/1592
Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd $ 504,008 Polymer Modified Emulsion Surface Treatment Program 2021-2022 TEN/1612 & 419267
Booyal Quarries $ 332,950 Supply of Road Making Materials for Three Chain Road TEN/1624
Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd $3,452,368 Asphalt Resurfacing Program 2021-2022 TEN/1660 & 422066
Berajondo Earthmoving and Haulage $ 880,707 Birthamba Road Upgrade TEN/1681
Objective Corporation Limited $ 211,749 Electronic Document and Records Management TEN/1690
Berajonda Earthmoving & Haulage $1,837,959 Harts Road Upgrade TEN/1692
Stantec Australia Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates Design Services during the Construction of the Aquatic Centre TEN/1719
Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd Schedule of Rates Supply of Bituminous Mixes TEN/1754