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The development and construction industry is a key component of Bundaberg's regional economy, providing jobs for nearly 2500 local residents and contributing over $316 million to the gross regional product.

The "Bundaberg Open for Development" initiative aimed to make it easier for developers to do business with Council and provided a range of incentives designed to stimulate development activity, leading to increased economic growth and employment in the greater Bundaberg region.

Council released a range of incentives on 19 July 2016 to stimulate further development activity, providing opportunities for longer term job creation and assisting housing affordability in our region.

Council offered generous discounts off infrastructure charges for development completed by 26 June 2020 across four broad categories:

  • 100% discounts for development in the Bundaberg CBD and town centres of Bargara, Childers and Gin Gin;
  • 100% discounts for Intensive Horticulture, Rural Industry, Aquaculture and Winery (where in a Rural Zone) developments and 50% discounts for Intensive Animal Industry and development that provides housing for itinerant farm workers and backpackers;
  • 50% discounts for Long Term Employment Generating (Industrial, Medical, Commercial - where in a Commercial Zone - and Tourism) development; and
  • 50% discounts for certain infill residential and greenfield residential developments, as well as residential subdivision in Rural Residential Zone and Relocatable Home Parks.

New applications to qualify for the incentives closed 28 June 2019.

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