Doing Business with Council

Council works with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors and businesses each year. Find out how your business can work with us too.


Current tenders can be found on the Tender page.

LG Tender Box

LG tender box is an e-tendering solution created by Local Buy to streamline the tendering process between business and local government in Queensland, and is primarily used for request for tenders and expressions of interest.

The features of this e-tendering service for your business are:

  • Free access to local government tenders;
  • Fast downloading of Council tender documents;
  • Easy uploading of responses to Council tenders; and
  • Receive new tender email notifications by creating one or more advanced searches.

Register your business with LG tender box to download tender documents, clarify queries using the forum and lodge electronic tender responses.

Suppliers can easily download tender documents and respond to a tender via LG tender box. For further information, visit the FAQ / Help page on the LG tender box website.


BRCProcureIT was implemented to allow Council to set up its own Panel arrangements with the aim of streamlining the tender process for these arrangements and to manage the ongoing compliance required by Council once these arrangements are established.

Once qualified on a panel, suppliers can receive quote requests via SMS and email to which they can respond. Each supplier panel gives Council staff the ability to rate and review suppliers based on their experience and supplier performance.

Panel Arrangements

Tenders for panel arrangements are advertised via LG Tender Box. Suppliers are encouraged to register at LG tender box.

Council's panel arrangements contain Pre-qualified Suppliers who have been assessed by Council as having the technical, financial and managerial capability necessary to perform contracts on time and in accordance with requirements.

The assessment process is undertaken by inviting tenders to establish a panel of pre-qualified suppliers.

Council's current panels are shown.

Contract Number

Contract Name


Commencement Date

Expiry Date

Next Review / Refresh Date


Hire of Plant and Equipment - Wet Hire

5 years



April 2017


Hire of Plant and Equipment - Dry Hire

5 Years



April 2017


Supply of Road Making Materials

3 Years



April 2017


Supply of Road Traffic Management Services

5 years



April 2017


Weed Management

5 years



April 2017


Supply Roll on Roll Off (Skip Bins) and Other Waste Services

5 years



April 2017

 TEN/0083 Minor Building Works
 3 years
 01-Dec-16  30-Nov-19  April 2017
 TEN/0084 Metal Trade Works
 3 years  01-Jul-17  30-Nov-19  April 2017
 TEN/0104 Scrap Metal Recovery
 3 years  01-Dec-16  30-Nov-19  April 2017
 TEN/0105 Minor Electrical Works
 5 years  01-Dec-16  30-Nov-19  April 2017

Panels are reviewed at least annually. For information on how you can be added to a particular panel, please contact Council's Procurement Team on 1300 883 699 or email to All panels are established as standing offer arrangements therefore suppliers are not guaranteed any work.

Local Buy

Local Buy is the LGAQ contract and tender services company. It facilitates business relationships with local government and their suppliers.

Local Buy's core business is the creation of contractual arrangements for goods and services that can be used by Queensland councils, aggregating the demand for these goods and services to achieve better pricing and conditions, and eliminating the need for councils to establish their own supply contracts.

To find out how you can get on a Local Buy contract:

-         Visit;

-         Email; or

-         Phone 07 3000 2280.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are placed for all purchases of goods and services other than those carried out by other means (i.e. corporate purchase card). These are legally binding documents that authorise suppliers to provide goods or services.

Contractors and suppliers should not supply any goods or services without first receiving a purchase order and in accordance with Council's Purchasing Terms and Conditions.


Does Council have a Preferred Supplier list? No, Council does not have a Preferred Supplier list. Council may tender for a preferred supplier arrangement for goods or services for a period of 2 years should it be determined they are able to obtain better value for money by accumulating the demand.

How are Preferred Supplier arrangements advertised? The invitation is made by advertisement in a newspaper that circulates in the local government area (normally Bundaberg News Mail) and displayed on BRC's website.

I'm a new supplier to the area and I wish to do business with Council, who do I talk to? Council's Procurement team are happy to help suppliers with any questions.


Phone: 1300 883 699 and ask for the Strategic Supply section.

Who do I contact if I have an Account enquiry? Council's Account Payable team.


Phone: 1300 883 699 and ask for the Accounts Payable section.

How and when are the current Prequalified or Approved Contractor panels reviewed or refreshed? Approved contractors/suppliers on the panels will be notified by Council of the intent to refresh the panels (normally every 12 months). This will allow suppliers to add or remove items and to refresh pricing for the next 12 month term.

Council will advertise in the local newspaper (normally Bundaberg News Mail) and on BRC's website to allow new businesses to apply to join existing panels.

For more information about doing business with Council, check out Doing Business with Council - A Guide for Suppliers & Contractor.

Who do I contact for further information?

Council's Procurement Team are happy to help suppliers with any questions.


Phone 1300 883 699

WHS Information

The Work Health and Safety Act (Qld) 2011 places a statutory obligation on Council to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe workplace for all workers and others who may be impacted or affected by the work we do. This is widely known and accepted. What perhaps is not as well-known is this same legislation defines employees, contractors, subcontractors, apprentices and trainees, work experience people and volunteers as workers.

Therefore to meet our obligations in this regard, we must ensure we are satisfied the safety systems and work processes of all these ‘workers’ are adequate and do not expose workers or others to unacceptable risks. Council is required to ensure, so far as they are reasonably able, that anyone we are engaging to do or provide work, goods or a service for us:

  • does in fact have the required expertise to ensure the work can be carried out safely.
  • has in place the systems, processes and procedures to ensure the work can be carried out safely.
  • is carrying out the work in a manner which does not create a health and safety risk for Council’s own workers or others at the workplace.

Contractors are required to:

  • Provide evidence, to Council's satisfaction, of safety standards should they wish to be included in panel arrangements or be awarded tenders.
  • Conduct their own risk assessments before starting work and put in place relevant controls on day to day operations where possible.
  • Comply with reasonable direction given by Council in relation to WH&S.
  • Take all practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of its employees and all other people who may be affected by their work systems and practices.
  • Provide information and supervision to their employees in relation to hazardous or high risk work processes or materials.
  • Promptly report any workplace accident, injury, illness, property or environmental damage which occurs during the carrying out of the work.
  • Report any lost time incidents immediately to the BRC Supervisor.
  • Provide confirmation they have understood general induction information by returning a signed copy of the BRC Contractor Handbook.

Further Information is available: Doing Business with Council - A Guide for Suppliers & Contractor

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