Technology Park Flood Levee

Technology Park Flood Levee

Construction of a Flood Levee, at Bundaberg North Technology Park, to increase flood immunity for a section of Mount Perry Road - Proudly funded by the Queensland Government's Royalties for the Regions Program and Bundaberg Regional Council.

Estimated Project Cost $1.9 Million

Flood modelling and detailed design has shown that construction of this levee in conjunction with the raising of Mount Perry Road will keep the evacuation route open up to a 2013 Flood Event.  The original plans included the construction of a second flood levee on Batchlers Road but this part of the project has become obsolete with the success of the Tech Park Levee design.


Tenders have been called for the construction of a vegetated, earthern levee at Technology Park and local contractor, Berajondo Earthmoving & Haulage have been egaged to commence construction; pending finalisation of access.


Construction of the eartern levee has been completed.  Grassing and rehabilitation has commenced.  The contractor will monitor rehabilitation of the site until February 2014.