Water and Water Conservation

Customer Service Standard for Water Supply

Winner of the Water Week 2016 Photography CompetitionBundaberg Regional Council is committed to maintaining standards of Customer Service. A full set of standards have been developed and are available from any of Council's offices. For further information please view the following documents:

Gooburrum Water Service Area - Nitrate Levels

All residents within the Gooburrum Water Service Area (GWSA) have received hand delivered information regarding the on-going, marginally, elevated Nitrate level in the treated water. To keep GWSA residents up to date with the latest information regarding the Nitrate levels at the Gooburrum WTP, Council has made available this on-line graph indicating both historical and on-going Nitrate levels. This graph (see below) will be updated on a weekly basis following receipt of results from the laboratory. The provision of this information will continue until the Nitrate levels have receded to an acceptable level below the ADWG health value of 50mg/L.

Reference to the map provided indicates the Gooburrum Water Service Area to which this notice only applies.

Please select the image to the left to view the latest
Gooburrum Water Treatment Plant nitrate levels graph


Water Leak Relief

Water Leak Relief Application Form (FM-7-099)

Use this form to apply for financial assistance if you have experienced higher than average water consumption charges as a result of an undetectable water leak.

Water Leak Relief Policy (GP-3-082)

This Policy outlines the principles that Council will use when applying relief to ratepayers who experience an undetectable water leak on their property which results in an increase in their water consumption charges.


Drinking Water Quality Management Plan - Annual Report

The Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC) Drinking Water Quality Management Plan (DWQMP) documents the performance of Council's water service with respect to water quality and performance in implementing the actions detailed in the DWQMP as required under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 (the Act).

The Annual Report assists the Regulator to determine whether the approved DWQMP and any approval conditions have been complied with and provides a mechanism for the providers to report publicly on their performance in managing drinking water quality.

It has been prepared in accordance with the Water Industry Regulatory Reform - drinking water quality management plan report factsheet published by the Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS), Queensland, accessible at www.dews.qld.gov.au

Water & Wasatewater Peformance Indicators

A report of the Performance Indactors for Water and Wastewater services in the Bundaberg Region can be found below:

Performance Indicators 2015-16 Report
Performance Indicators 2014-15 Report


Design & Construction Standards for Reticulated Water Supply

Council has adopted the Water Supply Code of Australia (WSA 03-2011) with various amendments to define the technical requirements for construction of network infrastructure. Amendments can be viewed here»

Council is also reviewing the standard designs in line with the SEQ Standard Drawings. Eventually these designs will replace the design information contained in the Water Supply Code of Australia.

Department Natural Resources & Mines - Waterwise

The Department has developed a package of resources to increase community awareness about water conservation and outdoor water efficiency.

For further information visit the State Government website»

Department Natural Resources & Mines - Waterwise Plant Selector

The Department has launched the Waterwise Plant Selector, which is an online database of over 4,000 native and non-native plants suited to Queensland's climate zones. It provides Queensland residents with a comprehensive reference tool for finding water efficient plants which will grow in their region.

The Waterwise Plant Selector allows people to search for plants by postcode, which links to one of seven climate zones. A broad range of information on each plant is also provided, including size, light requirements and suitable soil types. Searches can be refined by specifying various plant attributes such as water needs, plant type, flower colour and more.

The Waterwise Plant Selector is a free online resource.

For further information visit the State Government website».

Water Wise

Please use water wisely and keep in mind that it is a valuable resource. There are currently no restrictions in the Bundaberg Region.

Water Conservation

Whether used wisely or wasted, every drop of water used is paid for by consumers.

Council has produced booklets and several fact sheets concerning water conservation which may assist all consumers to lower their water consumption. The following attachments are provided for your convenience.


Fact Sheets

For further information contact Council's Infrastructure Services Department on 1300 883 699.

Water Education

Bundaberg Regional Council also encourages the use of water education packages for all primary schools, high schools and community organisations. These packages encourage water conservation with practical suggestions and how to minimise water use.

Bundaberg Regional Council has compiled a number of exciting fun water facts, activities and stories for Primary School students in Years Prep through to 7 and High School students participating in Years 8 and 9. The following attachments relating to each year can be downloaded.

Prep Year

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

For further information regarding posters, displays and promotional items please contact Council's Infrastructure Services Department on 1300 883 699.

To arrange a visit to one of Council's Sewer or Water Treatment Plants, please contact Mr David Holloway or Mr Kym Kneebone during working hours on 1300 883 699.