Customer Service Standard for Water & Waste Water

Bundaberg Regional Council is committed to maintaining standards of Customer Service.  A full set of standards have been developed and are available from any of Council's offices. For further information please view the following documents:

Water & Wasatewater Peformance Indicators

A report of the Performance Indactors for Water and Wastewater services in the Bundaberg Region can be found below:

Performance Indicators 2015-16 Report
Performance Indicators 2014-15 Report


Recycled Water Management Plans - Annual Reports

The Bundaberg Regional Council has approved Recycled Water Management Plans (RWMP) under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 (the Act) for the Thabeban and Childers Recycled Water Schemes. These RWMPs are a documented, risk based system for managing the production and supply of recycled water. The implementation of a RWMP ensures safe water recycling, through the identification and minimisation of public health risks.

Council is required to prepare an Annual Report for each scheme to provide the regulator (currently the Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS)) with information on the overall performance of the recycled water scheme for the year. The annual report also provides an accountability mechanism to users of recycled water and to the general public, as recycled water providers and scheme managers are required to make their annual reports available for public inspection.

The Annual Reports are prepared in accordance with the Act and relevant DEWS Guidelines, accessible at www.dews.qld.gov.au.

Thabeban Recycled Water Management Plan

Childers Recycled Water Management Plan

 2015/16 Annual Report

 2015/16 Annual Report


Wastewater Design & Construction Standards

Bundaberg Region Council has adopted the WSA 02-2002 Guidelines for the Sewerage Code of Australia to define the technical requirements for construction of wastewater network infrastructure in the Bundaberg region subject to amendments outlined here. 

Council is also reviewing the standard designs in line with the SEQ Standard Drawings.  Eventually these designs will replace the design information contained in the Sewerage Code of Australia.


Sewerage Blockages

In most areas Council can provide a service of clearing blocked private sanitary pipes.

Blockages can be caused by having foreign objects down your private sanitary pipes or from tree root intrusion. Click on the following attachments "Do you have a monster in your backyard", "Do you have a sewer blockage on your property" and "No Rain Water Down Sewers" to assist in understanding what can be done to prevent and protect your sanitary drainage pipes and Council wastewater infrastructure.

Should a blockage occur you are encouraged to contact a private plumber first. Should Council be required to clear a blockage from a private sanitary drain, then a charge will apply.

For further information and details on blockages and relevant charges contact Council Customer Service on 1300 883 699.