Support Services

The group provides internal support to other areas across Council in regard to Asset Management and Strategy, Design and Survey, Fleet and Asset Maintenance Services, utilising in-house staff and external contractors.

Asset Management

This section maintains information on the details of Council's physical assets including their makeup, condition, cost, scheduled maintenance, emergency maintenance, expected working life and value. The information assists Council in making decisions in regard to the purchase and replacement of items.

Replacement value of Council's asset base was valued at $2.461 Billion as at 30 June 2015.

In recognition of the importance of these assets in delivery of services to the community, Council is continuing to strengthen management systems for assets.  These assets support the delivery of services to our community and cover a range of categories - drainage, water and sewerage systems, roads and bridges, waste and recycling, treatment plants, equipment and plant, fleet, building structures, land, recreational areas and facilities.


Design Services

This section is tasked to manage and provide design and survey services to support delivery of Council's construction programs.

The Design section carries our investigations, studies and design of water and sewerage reticulation systems, waste facilities, roads and stormwater drainage  networks, flood mitigation works, car parks and open space structures across the region.  In performing this function, the Design Services section maintains Council's plans register of designed and constructed works.

Additionally, this section operates a partnership with the Federal Government Agency Geosciences Australia on behalf of Council for a permanent Global Positioning System (GPS) Base Station in Bundaberg.  The base station provides GPS signals that allow Council to quickly, efficiently and accurately record the location of assets such as water hydrants and valves, sewer manholes and culverts, ultimately providing better information to ratepayers.

It is the only lcoal government partnership of its kind in Australia and provides GPS signal data to a national framework.



Fleet Services

Fleet Services manages and provides servicing, maintenance and repair functions throughout the region for a plant and equipment fleet of approximately 650 units, as well as over 950 items of minor construction equipment, the Waste Collection fleet, SES and HACC with a 2015 replacement value of $43 Million.

Fleet Services is also responsible for management, purchasing, replacement and disposal of fleet assets.

Refuse Collections Truck   Road Patching Truck
 Caterpillar Grader  Grader - Waste Transfer Station


Asset Maintenance Services (AMS)

Asset Maintenance Services (AMS) manages and provides trades-based services to support all operating areas across Council in relation to building and painting, fitting, turning and boiler-making, metal fabrication, electrical, instrumentation, SCADA and HVAC systems. 

Works undertaken by AMS include trade related maintenance, installation and minor construction, tendering and purchasing as well as compliance checking for specific electrical, instrumentation, lifting or load handling equipment, where required under legislation. 

Main internal client areas are:
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Venues and Facilities
  • Waste and Recycling,
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Fleet
  • Construction
  • Airport

Additionally, AMS manages construction, maintenance and operational aspects of Council's five main depots and operational centres distributed throughout the region.

Operations Centre, East Bundaberg
 Kalkie Depot
Gin Gin Depot
Childers Depot