Pipelines Crossing Road Reserves

Carrying out works in, on, over or under Council owned and maintained property

Application must be made to Council to carry out works on, over or under any road reserve. This is to ensure the required works can be carried out safely and not cause damage to Council's infrastructure, and any infrastructure in the road reserve is safe for public use.  An application form can be found here»

Application for Private Pipeline Agreement

Permits are also required to construct underground pipelines within Council controlled road reserves.  A permit will also be required to allow the pipeline to remain within the road reserve.

Applications made to Council will be assessed for suitability for both of the above Permits.  Permits will only be considered where Council would not be exposed to any liability for the installation of, or continued existence of the pipeline and where no detrimental effect on public use of the road reserve can be identified.  Permits are only issued to current property owners and any new property owner will be required to apply for a permit renewal for the continued existence of the pipeline.

Council will set conditions on the permit to allow the underground pipeline to be constructed (or allowed to remain in the road reserve).  These conditions will be enforced through a formal agreement between Council and the property owner.

The application must be accompanied with supporting documentation explaining the need for the pipeline and a plan showing details of the location, pipe size and type.  For further information or advice regarding pipeline agreements and typical conditions of approval, please contact Roads and Drainage Services on telephone 1300 883 699 for assistance.

Some of these applications may require a fee to be lodged with the application. A full list of Council's Fees & Charges is available here»

 Application Form for Private Pipelines
 Indemnity Form for Private Pipelines
 Application Form to carry out works on, over or under Council's road reserve