Footpaths and Pathways

Footpaths and Pathways

Council has developed a Multi Modal Pathway Strategy» to guide extension and upgrade for the existing multi modal pathway network.  The pathway strategy focuses on providing higher order shared use pathways (trunk pathway network) in urban areas, future growth areas and major links between Bundaberg and Bargara and the coastal communities between Burnett Heads and Elliott Heads. 

The pathway strategy does not include lower order, local area pathways, or other recreational paths such as bushwalking, mountain bike tracks or paths in rural/rural residential areas.  The only exception is the inclusion of the proposed Sharon Gorge Rail Trail (Bundaberg to Sharon Gorge) which is considered as an important recreational/tourism pathway opportunity.  

The pathway strategy aims to connect the existing and future pathway network with:

  • important public infrastructure
  • educational establishments
  • commercial precincts
  • sport & recreational facilities
  • key employment centres
  • tourist facililtes and
  • future development areas
Principal Cycle Network Plans - Wide Bay Burnett

The Queensland Government has recently released the Wide Bay Burnett Principal Cycle Network Plans (PCNP), which forms part of a State wide cycle strategy.

The Queensland Government, through the Department of Transport & Main Roads, has worked closely with local governments and cycle user groups to develop the Principal Cycle Network Plans to guide the delivery of a connected and cohesive cycle network across Queensland. The plans have been formally endorsed by all local governments covered and also by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. 

The PCNP reflect a ‘one network' approach to cycle network planning and show core routes needed to get more people cycling more often. Routes shown are indicative and exist to guide further planning. The plans are intended to support, guide, and inform people involved in the planning, design, and construction of the cycle network.

To view the Principal Cycle Network Plan for Wide Bay Burnett, click on the respective link at:

and refer to page 26 of the plan for Bundaberg Regional Council Network.

Footpath Maintenance and Care

Council encourages property owners to mow the grass on the footpath in front of their property. Any plantings or construction on the footpath requires the permission of Council. Permission can be sought by writing to Council advising of the details. Any damage or hazard that is noticed on a footpath should be brought to Council's attention.