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2013 NDDRA Flood Recovery Works:
Media Release - January 2014
Restoration Roadworks commencing in Burnett Heads and Bargara
Media Alert - August 2013
Restoration Works starts on Bucca Road
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2013 Flood Pictorial
Download a copy of 'BEFORE' and 'AFTER' photographs of some of our damaged roads and infrastructure assets

Council has submitted general road and drainage flood restoration claims with an approximate value of $100 Million to Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA).  These claims have now been approved and Council has commenced restoration of the flood damaged roads from the 2013 event.  These works will reinstate the roads to pre-flood condition and will be delivered under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA), a joint Federal (75%) and State (25%) government initiative.

Doughboy RoadCouncil has engaged Golding Contractors Pty Ltd to undertake the ‘Northern Package’ of work north of the Burnett River; but excluding the lower sections of Bundaberg North itself.  This contractor has set up an office in Bundaberg North and commenced contract works late August 2013. Initially, restoration works focused in the Bucca area with significant works being undertaken along Bucca Road jointly funded by Bundaberg Regional Council, Federal and State Government to an approximate value of $3.1 Million. Works in Bucca, Meadowvale, South Kolan and Sharon are substantially complete pre Christmas.  Early 2014 will see pavement restoration in Bundaberg North around the High School and then progessing north through Fairymead.  Another team will commence work in the GinGin / Wallaville area in February 2014.

More recently, Council engaged CMC to deliver the 'Southern Package' south of the Burnett River excluding the city precinct.  Works have commenced in the residential areas of the Hummock, Bargara and Branyan prior to Christmas, carrying through to the New Year and moving towards Calavos area, and the hinterland area around Childers in early 2014.

Council has sought ‘betterment’ funding to improve flood resilience of many roads in the region.  Betterment funding could only be applied for in association with restoration of 2013 Flood Damage.   Restoration works are programmed to include approved betterment works to minimise inconvenience to residents and road users.  While there are still a number of submissions being considered by Queensland Reconstruction Authority, details of approved betterment projects (jointly funded by Bundaberg Regional Council and State Government are shown below:

Top Waterloo Road $56,534
Wallaville Goondoon $64,295
Miara Road $183,750
Heales Road $380,670
Sheepstation Creek $168,677
Coonarr Road $126,416
Bucca Road $1,323,735
Barretts Road $165,000
Blacks Road $106,168
Gentle Annie Road $160,000
Gaeta Road - northern floodways $1,204,473
Wonbah Road - northern floodways $485,112
Monduran Dam Road - northern floodways $241,495
Marshall Avenue - northern floodways $344,289
Halford Drive - northern floodways $312,163
Kendalls Flat Weir $1,945,775
Kendalls Flat Levee $467,340

Council is aiming to have 2013 flood restoration works finalised by December 2014.  This programming of works is dependent upon weather conditions experienced during the next wet season.

In addition, some $40 Million of restoration works has yet to be organised for the inner urban areas of Bundaberg including the lower North Bundaberg area.  Council is currently investigating the best way to deliver these works.  At this point in time, Council anticipates undertaking this work after Easter, 2014.

Council will provide periodic updates on the flood restoration and future work areas on this web page.  See below for status of works to show the progress being made with the contracts let to date.

Periodic Updates on Contracted Flood Restoration Works:




When work is proposed adjacent to any property, the contractor will provide advance notice via direct contact and/or a delivered flier outlining the scope and duration of the works including traffic impacts.  This advice will provide direct contact information.

Additional information can be found by reading the Frequently Asked Questions flier which is available to download by clicking here.  

For other queries regarding flood reconstruction works, please contact Council directly on 1300 883 699 or by email - ceo@bundaberg.qld.gov.au

2013 Flood:

The 2013 flood event has presented unprecedented challenges to the Bundaberg Region. Previous events had widespread road pavement damage in many of our rural areas but this event has produced significant infrastructure damage in both urban and rural areas – not only the highly publicised area of North Bundaberg but also smaller communities west of Gin Gin; such as Doughboy Road.

In response to these unprecedented challenges,Council’s staff across the organisation rallied together to provide an exceptional response, working long hours with an army of contractors to provide immediate support to a community in need.

Gentle Annie Bridge - Before After
Mariners Way - before
McGills Road - Before


The Natural Disaster Relief & Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) have been activated for the 2013 disaster.  From that activation date, Council had 60 days to undertake emergent work but this has now been extended an additional 30 days. During this period, our crews in Roads and Drainage and Water & Wastewater will continue to work side by side focusing on making sites safe and trafficable and reinstating connections to water and sewer networks.

Some of these works will be repaired to normal construction standard (such as Mariners Way) to minimise future inconvenience to our community. Design is being undertaken concurrently with construction to provide a more flood resilient entrance to Mariners Way.



Kolan Street - before 
 Kolan Street - Before
 Kolan Street - during emergent works
                         Kolan Street - restored

However, most emergent works will require further construction to be undertaken as restoration projects when such work is approved through the NDRRA process.

Planning and preparation of project submissions for the restoration stage are currently underway. The State Government has provided an accelerated process for approvals and set some extremely challenging timeframes for Council to achieve. Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA)Officers have assisted Council with coordinating applications and approvals and providing reviews and support where required to fast track the approval process for release of funding. 

To address the significant damage from the 2013 natural disaster, Bundaberg Regional Council convened a Flood Recovery Works Industry Briefing on Thursday 21 March 2013.  This meeting was well attended with representatives from approximately 30 contractors.

Council presented its procurement strategy indicating its intention to call tenders for work up to the value of $100Million by early April, 2013.  Council proposes to shortlist the tenderers to several contractors based on their demonstrated ability to resource such works and willingness to engage local subcontractors and suppliers.  Contractors will be appointed for a portion of the work by June 2013.  A copy of the Meeting's presentation can be viewed here.

Until the repairs can be carried out, conditions of some of the roads are not up to normal standard and motorists are urged to exercise due care and attention and drive to road conditions.

In addition, Council will continue working on restoration projects from the 2010/11 flood events. Council had only received approval for the majority of the 2010/11 NDRRA restoration projects late last year and has let two large contracts to the value of $32M to Civil Mining & Construction CMC).  These contracts started in December and have suffered a minor setback but the works will be inspected to identify any subsequent damage from the latest flood event and the extra work may be able to be included in the current contract with CMC which has already recommenced.   This contract with CMC is due for completion by the end of June 2013; weather permitting.

2013 Flood Response

 Newsletter Issue 1 - February 2013  
2010/11 NDRRA Flood Recovery Works:

The restoration works from the 2010/11 Disaster have been completed. Council thanks residents for their continued support and co-operation.  

Media Alert 1 - Engagement of CMC to commence restoration works
 Media Alert 2 - Commencing work in Winfield / Yandaran Areas
 Media Alert 3 - Burnett Heads, Mon Repos, Kalkie, Bargara, Innes Park, Elliott Heads, Woongarra (Start February 2013)
 Media Alert 4 - Work to recommence after 2013 Flood Event (Sharon and South Kolan areas where accessible)
 Media Alert 5 - Program of Works rescheduled because of continued wet weather (Childers, North Isis, Doolbi, Redridge, Apple Tree Creek)
 Media Alert 6 - Work to start at Kalkie, Bargara, Burnett Heads and Innes Park after Easter
 Media Alert 7 - Progress Update, Complimentary Works and 3rd Stabilizer to Commence
Media Alert 8 - Progress Update
 Media Alert 9 - Progress Update
2010/11 Flood Events:

Extensive wet weather conditions throughout the Bundaberg Region in recent years have caused un-precendented damage to Council's road network.  After monsoonal rain in 2010 and the more recent flood during 2010/11, Council spent in excess of $8 million in undertaking emergency repair work to make the damaged roads accessible.

The restoration works required to return Council's road network to the condition before the rains is beyond financial resources of most Local Government authorities.  The Commonwealth and State Governments provide funding for restoration work under the terms of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).  This funding is administered through the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA).

Following the monsoonal rain events in early 2010, Council made submissions for $7 million of restoration works to its road network.  Approval to undertake this reconstruction work has been received and this work is near completion.

Further submissions were made to QRA for extensive damage from the 2010/11 flood.  Every road in Council's 3,000 km road network was inspected, assessed for damage and scopes of work prepared.  Council has received approvals for approximately $60 Million worth of restoration work from this diaster.  In accordance with funding guidelines, Council engaged local contractors, Sunstate Group Queensland, Berajondo Earthmoving and Haulage and RoadTek to undertake initial works.   Council then engaged Civil Mining and Construction Pty Ltd (CMC) to undertake a further $32 million of work to complete the NDRRA 2011 restoration of its flood affected road network.