Driveways/Property Accesses

Construction and maintenance of driveways, property accesses, or pipe crossings are the responsibility of property owners.

Council has construction standards for driveways. It is particularly important that an access does not block a stormwater drainage flowpath or create a hazard for traffic or vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Please contact Roads and Drainage section on 1300 883 699 for advice on the correct type of construction for your driveway.

Any construction on a road reserve (including road shoulders and footpath) requires Council approval prior to commencement of works.

Carrying out works in, on, over or under Council owned and maintained property

Application must be made to Council to carry out works on, over or under any road reserve. This is to ensure the required works can be carried out safely and not cause damage to Council's infrastructure, and any infrastructure in the road reserve is safe for public use.  An application form can be found here»

Some of these applications may require a fee to be lodged with the application. A full list of Council's Fees & Charges is available here»


DR-33759 Driveways - Industrial and Commercial Driveway Slab Two Way Access Download PDF
DR-33758 Driveways - Residential Driveway Slabs Download PDF
DR-36831 Driveways - Residential Driveway Slabs for Brown Streets Download PDF
DR-33762 Driveways - Residential Invert Crossings (Layback & Standard Kerb & Channel) Download PDF
DR-33763 Driveways - Residential Invert Crossing Steep Driveways Download PDF
DR-33761 Driveways - Rural and Urban Accesses No Kerb and Channel Download PDF
DR-33760 Driveways - Rural and Urban Accesses Requiring Culverts No Kerb and Channel Download PDF
DR-32787 Type Invert Crossing M1 - Steep Driveways Download PDF