General Rating Information

Frequency of Rates Notices: Rates and Charges will be issued in two (2) half-yearly notices in August and February of each year. Ratepayers are welcome to pay rates weekly, fortnightly, monthly or half-yearly by Direct Debit. Please visit the Payment Methods page for further information.

Discount for payment in full by Due Date: Ratepayers who pay their rates in full by the Due Date shown on their rate notice will receive a 10% discount on their current General Rates (excluding Council's Pension Remission which is not a payment). Ratepayers who pay by the Due Date need only pay the discounted amount shown on their Rate Notice. 

Interest charges on arrears and rate recovery action: Interest at the rate of 11% per annum, calculated on daily rests, will be charge on unpaid rates after the 'Due Date' shown on the Rate Notice. Council will take steps to ensure that outstanding rates are recovered, which may as a last resort, require legal action. Ratepayers who are already paying by direct debit need not reapply unless they would like to change the frequency of their direct debit payments. Please visit the Payment Methods page for further information.

Property Valuation: The Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines is responsible for valuing all property in the region. Any valuation enquiries should be directed to the Department by phone on 137 468.

Service Charges:  Visit the Service Charges page to view a full listing of the charges available (water, sewerage etc.).

Objection to land categorisation: An owner may object to the categorisation of the land by giving Council a Notice of Objection within 30 days after the date of issue of the rate notice. Further information can be found in the Rates Flyer.

Water Leaks: Water usage is the responsibility of the ratepayer. Council may offer relief to ratepayers who experience an undectable water leak on their property which results in an increase in their water consumption charges. Applicants will only be eligible for water leak relief if they comply with criteria in terms of Council's Water Leak Relief Policy. A Water Leak Relief Application Form must also be completed.